Healing Chalice Petitions

Healing Chalice Petitions

Jesus the Christ, world teacherEvery Wednesday, we commune together to offer healing prayers during our “Watch with Me” Jesus' Vigil of the Hours healing service.

If you have a request for healing and would like us to place a healing petition in the healing chalice on our altar during this service, email the healing petition below or print and fax it to us.

At the end of each weekly service, all petitions are burned, allowing the holy angels to answer the requests according to the Will of God. Please resubmit your healing requests each week as you desire.

Send Your Healing Petition by Email.

Download and print the Healing Chalice Petition below, fill in and fax or email to us:

United States: 1-800-221-8307     International: 1-406-848-9555

May God's Will be done for _____________________________

as requested by ______________________________________

for the healing of the following condition:




We accept it done right now in full power with most grateful hearts. Amen.

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