Gratitude by the Ascended Master Saint Germain

Gratitude by the Ascended Master Saint Germain


Ascended master Saint GermainIn gratitude for the many years of communications from the ascended masters to their messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, we share this Pearl of Wisdom® from the Ascended Master Saint Germain, in its entirety.

To Our Gracious Readers, Dedicated to Love's Service the World Around—Our Most Gracious Ascended Master Friend and Brother of Light—Saint Germain Speaks:

Blessed ones—when the first Thanksgiving Day was instituted in the land of America it was a direct precipitation of eternal and infinite gratitude into the human heart by the Holy Spirit called forth by love of freedom and the embryonic fulfilling of portions of freedom's dream in the lives of those early Pilgrims.

To celebrate such an occasion was but a spontaneous outbreaking or overflowing of the inner cup of gratitude and joy in the devout hearts of those early but hardy Pilgrim fathers. This feeling of gratefulness seemed to surround them as though literally shining forth from “rocks and rills and every templed hill”! The friendship of the blessed Massasoit and others of the Indian bands whose devotion to freedom made them so sympathetic to the aims of the Pilgrims, expanded in their feelings until not in word alone, but in deed as well they could say and feel “brother”!

You see that first Thanksgiving was memorable not only in the annals of America, but also in world history, for it clearly shows the power of gratitude (thank-full-feelings) in creating a climate of abundance where all can live in world brotherhood.

This mini-drama acted in New England and at Plymouth should serve to inspire all who live today that its re-enactment on a world scale is today, by reason of advanced lines of communication blessed as it is by speed (symbolized by the figure of the winged God Mercury), a greater possibility than ever heretofore! The purification of that communication system of the world is now being undertaken and you, too, can help!

When as Francis Bacon (one of my many embodiments) I wrote Novus Organum, it too was a milestone on the path to world harmony and peace everlasting! Now, if you observe the Great Seal of the United States on which is emblazoned (notice my word “in-blaze-on” which refers to the use of fire) the inscription Novus Ordo Seclorum, meaning “The New Order of the Ages has begun,” then does it not appear to you that this nation was indeed conceived in liberty as a new order of the ages?

Has it not been faith in God (in God we trust) that built and sustained this nation through her every crisis? Ought not men everywhere be thankful this Thanksgiving Day that they are entering a new era when truth is coming to light and being “proclaimed from the housetops,” so that infamy may hand its head and steal away from the minds of America's youth who need so much guidance of the right kind? The recent television exposes are but the surfacing of human dross and a prelude to the purification of much of the world's communications systems! Think of this purification as a divinely intended reality!

Those who have long been fomenters of dissension, personally profiting thereby (as did the early renegades who sold muskets to the Indians and then stirred up their feelings and further inflamed their hearts with hatred) have but violated the Law of God, receiving the mark of Cain in their forehead as haters of their brother. I tell you today the sinister force that has caused wars and dissensions is no friend to man and greed and materialism are not friends to America. God has supplied far more than enough wealth for all in the world to share his abundance and it is only human greed that keeps it from fully manifesting! Fulfill the law of brotherhood—all can if they but will!

Among the wonders of the Constitution of this nation, America, are her guarantees of religious freedom which, among other blessings, must be preserved! Your thankfulness as expressed on Thanksgiving Day was instituted as a safeguard, so that the majority of the people would not forget their benefits, but would at least build a yearly momentum to keep alive the cycle of God's continual bestowing of his blessings upon all—for there are spiritual laws which make gratitude essential—to continue to receive one must give!

You who are chelas of the ascended host know the importance of not only annual but daily thanks, but I tell you truly—hourly and momentary thanks are even more effective!

Pay happy allegiance to God—the Mighty I AM Presence—it takes nothing from you and brings all his good to you! Amplify your thanks and the spirit thereof without limit for nothing exists to so stir the essence of the very spirit of life, light and love (which is God) as praise and thanks.

Recall how that biblical history depicts the children of Israel shouting, singing and dancing—making thus a joyful noise unto the Lord—as their thanks for his many blessings. This served as a divine catalyst to release into their worlds the universal cornucopia of abundance upon them and will do so today, right now for all who can pray “Our Father,” thou wondrous light, give us all daily bread. Let no one, man, woman or child, lack the communion with thee which gives them daily spiritual manna—O Father thy kingdom come!

Knowing you will rejoice with me in anticipation of the day when all nations can sit down in peace in that kingdom, and further, that I can count on you to do your part, I am blessing you this Thanksgiving and always, in the name of the ascended Jesus Christ who is through me (all ascended beings are one) breaking again the loaf of the young child to feed the multitude. Yes, God supplies abundant life to all willing to receive him!

For this and our many blessings (we have one another's loving cooperation—on earth you are our hands and feet, above and within we bless and guide you, as do all Ascended Master friends, I am sure we are cooperatively thankful from day unto day!

I AM gratefully your friend of ageless wisdom
Saint Germain, the Ascended Master

Excerpted from Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 2 No. 46, Saint Germain, November 20, 1959

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