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The Summit Lighthouse book study groupsFlexible groups allow people of like mind to easily gather to practice and learn the teachings of the ascended masters. Enjoy a level of affiliation with, benefit, and support from The Summit Lighthouse. Flexible groups serve as a beginning step in forming a spiritual community where you are with the resources you have.

Flexible Group Requirements

  • Meeting place: Physical location or virtual meetings or combination of both. Examples: Member’s home, public gathering place, coffee shop, or teleconference calls, SKYPE, GoToMeeting or other similar options.
  • Frequency of meeting: The group members meet a minimum of once per month, or more frequently based on the unique needs and wishes of the participants.
  • Activities of flexible group model: There are five choices for group activities:
    1. Study,
    2. Worship,
    3. Fellowship,
    4. Service,
    5. Outreach.
  • Agree to the time-tested policies and procedures to help your group run smoothly.

Possible forms of study may include reading and discussing: Pearls of Wisdom®, Pocket Guides, KOF Lessons, The Sacred Adventure Series, or other books specifically focused on the teachings of the ascended masters as delivered by our messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Worship may include: a Sunday service, a decree service, rosaries, or any combination of prayers, fiats, or decrees.

Fellowship may include activities designed to facilitate bonding among the group members. Meetings may begin with ice-breakers and end with refreshments, or groups may choose to celebrate special occasions or holy days.

As study groups expand, they can add activities like a community service project. Serving at a soup kitchen, or an inter-generational activity like planting a garden are just a few ways to be love in action. Another avenue of expansion is to engage in outreach events to share the teachings with others.

Groups select at a minimum either study, worship, or both to begin their group. If they are meeting at a physical location, it will strengthen the budding community by pairing fellowship with worship or study. The optional activities can be added at any time as the group so chooses and as the group develops.

You are not alone in your endeavor! To help you succeed and enjoy the experience, each flexible group can be assigned a mentor at your request.

A flexible study group is a way to form a spiritual community with fewer requirements than those of a chartered study group. As it grows and matures, it may eventually lead to your group having enough souls and resources to apply for chartered study group status, however that is not necessarily the main reason for forming your group.

If you’re interested learning more about, joining, or starting a flexible group in your area, please contact The Summit Lighthouse at Flexible Groups information, or 406-848-9500.

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