Flag Day – Rally around the Purposes of Life

Flag Day – Rally around the Purposes of Life

The establishment of flag day is strongly rooted in the spiritual foundation of the United States. Conceived in liberty, and representing the unlimited potential of the Christ consciousness of a people, the US flag represents more than meets the eye.

Flag Day – Saint Germain Inspired the US Flag

In 1775, a committee appointed by the Continental Congress met with General Washington and a “mysterious old professor” in Cambridge, Massachusetts to recommend a plan for the American flag.

In this disguise, Saint Germain revealed his design for a flag with a variable field of stars to complement the thirteen stripes—a prophecy of the continual unfoldment of the vast destiny of the new nation.

Dictation through Mark L. Prophet

Speaking of the flag of the United States, the ascended master Meru gave a dictation given through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet.  Here is an excerpt:

Now stands the banner of your nation here, America, to wave over this land that it may preserve it and its fifty states.

But the symbol flag holds no power to do it, that you yourselves do not yield to it.

You must rally around the purposes of Life, around the purposes of universal harmony and seek to export to the whole world that which you truly possess as the heritage of freedom.

This is a freedom under God to define your lives as lives of worth, as lives of service, as lives of devotion, seeking to unravel the mysteries of science and to provide a new touch of genius to the whole world that men may come to a place where education pushes back the darkness in men's minds and removes the stabbing super­stitions that as black magic and witchcraft still are practiced throughout the world.

Men must understand, then, the need to evoke light and to sustain light and to understand that it is not an activity of darkness to invoke light, because you see and perceive that darkness exists and requires it. Darkness needs light.

Let us give light to the world. Let us hold up our collective torches.

Let us determine that nothing, no, nothing, shall ever deter the magnificence of the chain of avatars in cosmic service from accomplishing it purposes.

No outer darkness, no stellar darkness, no darkness in interstellar space, no darkness in the minds of men nor in their hearts nor in the horror that exists in parts of the world has any power to create any sustaining perfection that will hold mankind bound to it. For it has no perfection within it; it exists in a world and universe of perfection, but it itself is darkness. It is misqualified light energy and it must be cut free and returned to the heart of God.

And men everywhere must understand that the energy that they use is God's energy.

And that the energy that they use must be qualified by light in service for the freedom of man as a joint action of many hearts until the whole Body of God, performing its ritual of harmonistic service, does bring about the fulfillment and culmination of illumination's plan for this planetary body, whereby beauty manifests in statuary and art, whereby the harmonies that echo forth from the amphitheaters of the world are stirring to the babes in their cradle and bringing to them the cosmic marshal music of heaven that saith to all,

“Victory to the world. Victory to God. Victory to the Light. Victory to Truth.
Victory to cosmic science and explorations unlimited, as a brave new world
goeth forth to meet the challenges it must face and to win!”

This dictation by the ascended master God Meru was given through the Messenger Messenger Mark L. Prophet on January 28, 1968 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The MP3 audio of God Meru's dictation is published in its entirety on the album, Only Mark 11, ascended master dictations given during 1967 and 1968.

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