Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Ascended Master Dictations

Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Ascended Master Dictations

Elizabeth Clare Prophet (April 8, 1939 – October 15, 2009), world-renowned author, lecturer, teacher and Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, pioneered many practical techniques using the creative power of sound for spiritual transformation and world transformation and healing.

Her calling was to be a prophet of God, or one who delivers the Word of God. The word “prophet” comes from the Greek word meaning “to speak for,” hence a messenger. A prophet is “one who utters divinely inspired revelations.” In her role as a messenger, she communed with angels and ascended masters through the power of the Holy Spirit in the manner of the ancient prophets.

These messages contain the words of the heavenly host as ascended master dictations, as well as a transfer of light for soul quickening and initiation.

The Love of the Ascended Masters

Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

All the great ones who have come to earth have come because of their great love. They could not bear to leave their brothers and sisters without an understanding of the Path. So the ascended masters are the benevolent ones, the compassionate ones who remain with this planetary home to show us the way out.

Their communication has been very real to me for most of my life. I began feeling the presence of the ascended masters in childhood and in my teenage years, and finally I saw the master El Morya. He appeared to me when I was in college at Boston University.

Ascended Master El Morya

El MoryaEl Morya  came to me in answer to my prayers of many years. I had told God that I wanted to be of service in communicating his teachings to his children. El Morya told me that I must be trained to be a messenger so that I could set forth the teachings.

I began my training under Mark Prophet, whom I later married, and in time I was able to receive directly the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, which we have set forth in many books and publications and on audio and video recordings. Essentially they provide the synthesis of the world's religions that I knew as a child I had come to deliver.

This work is rewarding because it always leads the individual back to the Real Self, the Inner Self. And that is the point of beginning for our life's work and fulfillment.

Ascended Master Dictation or Psychic Channeling?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains how a dictation by an ascended master through a sponsored messenger is different than psychic channeling:

I have been called a messenger by the masters who deliver their messages through me. The office of the messenger is something that comes by the gift of the Holy Spirit. So too is the gift of prophecy. It is a grace. It is an endowment. It is something that one achieves by walking with God until God calls one to speak to his people.

During a dictation my consciousness is accelerated, or elevated, so that it can mesh with the consciousness of the ascended master who is speaking through me. The sphere of my higher consciousness actually meshes with the sphere of consciousness of the ascended master. In that moment, there is the release of the Word. The master uses my voice as the instrument to bring forth his teaching.

Taking a dictation is a very real experience in the presence of the master. It is like being inside someone's mind. The mind of the master is cogitating through my mind and he is speaking through my mouth. However, I am not in a trance, and I am in full awareness with my full faculties of the Christ mind.

Psychic channeling, which often comes forth in trance, comes through the subconscious mind. The individual is not in the presence of his own Christ mind, and his body is used by discarnates, disembodied spirits, to convey messages from the departed.

I don't call myself a channeler because as far as I'm concerned channeling is just another word for spiritualism.

Seeking advice from departed spirits has been going on since the witch of Endor conjured up Samuel the prophet for King Saul–and a long time before. While Samuel was a high soul, you can never be sure what you're going to get with channeling.

Now, this may have its place for those who desire it, but where I stand as a messenger for the ascended masters it is not permitted. I would lose the gift of the messengership and of prophecy were I to engage in any form of interaction with disembodied spirits.

The ascended masters require that their disciples–and I consider myself a disciple–always be in full command of their faculties when they are in communion with God and that they retain their own reason and judgment and self-discipline.

By contrast, the energy released by the God-free ascended beings who speak from the highest octaves of Light, one with the universal Mind, is stupendous. Taking a dictation is a very real experience in the presence of the master.

It is exhilarating. It charges and recharges the body, mind and spirit of each person in the congregation, clears the chakras and draws the soul nigh to her own inner God Reality.

Dictations are not self-fulfilling psychic predictions, nor are they centered on building up the personalities or the egos of those present. They are the Word of God delivered by fully integrated immortal beings who are counted among the hosts of the Lord.

These beings come to initiate us in the ancient mysteries of Christ and Buddha and the everlasting gospel for the new age of Aquarius. And they come to exhort us so that we will rise to the great God flame within ourselves and defeat the momentums of returning karma that are coming upon the age.

The above is from Inner Perspectives, A Guidebook for the Spiritual Journey, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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