Decrees – A Tool for Spiritual Acceleration

Decrees – A Tool for Spiritual Acceleration

The ascended masters teach that the Science of the Spoken Word is a step-up of all prayer forms East and West.

It combines prayer, meditation and visualization with what are called dynamic decrees, placing special emphasis on affirmations using the name of God—I AM THAT I AM.

Decrees differ from regular prayer because they have been taken from the words of the saints and masters of East and West. Because these enlightened ones have reached the highest levels of intimate communion with God, their words are like ropes that we too can use to sustain a strong spiritual connection. They are sacred formulas for the release of God's power.

The ascended masters say that decrees as a form of devotion are the most effective method known today for spiritual resolution, the balancing of karma, and soul advancement.

Students of the ascended masters give dynamic decrees to direct God's light for the solving of personal and planetary problems, including crime, pollution, drugs, child abuse, the economy, AIDS, and the threat of nuclear war.

Decrees are a key that every pilgrim on the path of reunion with God needs to meet the challenges of modern life—challenges we all must face before we can enter the high road of Aquarius.

If you are new to this form of prayer, we invite you to see for yourself. After all, you'll never know until you try.

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