How To Decree – Using the Science of the Spoken Word

How To Decree – Using the Science of the Spoken Word

Decrees Are Like Spiritual Letters

Decrees can be considered spiritual letters. Most decrees, like letters, are composed of three parts, each with its own purpose:

  1. A greeting called the “preamble,”
  2. The “body” of the decree and
  3. The “closing.”

The Preamble

The preamble is like the salutation of a letter. In it we address the ascended masters and angelic hosts and ask them for assistance. We give them the authority to take command of any person, place, condition or circumstance.

The preamble to the decree is an appeal that compels the ascended masters and angelic hosts to answer you, as long as you give it with love and your request is in keeping with God's will and law. The masters could no more refuse to answer this summons than could the firemen in your hometown refuse to answer your call for help.

To command the energies of God in a decree is the prerogative of our Higher Self—the part of us that came from God. The lower self, being imperfect and incomplete, does not have this authority.

Therefore we generally begin our decrees by saying, “In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self….” By so doing we are acknowledging that we are the instruments of God on earth and that we are asking only for that which is the will of God.

Preambles are optional. At times it is preferable to give only the body of a decree. This is especially the case with short mantras, I AM affirmations and commands (called fiats).

The Body of the Decree

The body of a decree is a statement of your desires—things you are requesting take place for yourself or others. The body of a decree is usually composed of the words of the ascended masters dictated to their messengers, and that is one reason decrees are so effective. When you recite the actual words of ascended saints and adepts of East and West who are one with God, you have direct access to their light, energy and consciousness to accomplish good.

The Closing

In the closing, you seal your decree in the heart of God for his disposition. You have proposed; now God will dispose. You also accept that God will answer your requests. If you don't consciously accept the answer to your decree, the light of God you have invoked may remain in the realm of Spirit instead of manifesting physically.

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