Connect With The Energy Of Your Higher Self

Connect With The Energy Of Your Higher Self

Decrees can help you connect with the energy of your Higher Self to make the changes you want in your life. One reason decrees are so powerful in helping spiritual and personal transformation is that they form a direct link to your Higher Self, who holds the keys of creation.

Once, long before you were born on earth, your soul was united with your Higher Self. Lifetimes ago, you chose to live apart from God, thus separating from your Higher Self.

But within your heart there still burns a divine spark, your potential to be one with God. And a stream of spiritual energy known as the crystal cord connects your divine spark with your Higher Self, nourishing and sustaining you.

The Science of the Spoken Word does two things:

  1. It increases the current of God's spiritual energy flowing over your crystal cord. You can then use this energy for whatever you want—to draw to yourself the things that you need; to find the right job, home and circumstance in life; to heal yourself and your loved ones; or to fix problems in your town or city.
  2. It brings you closer to your Higher Self.

To meet your Higher Self, give some of the decrees and fiats included on this website with love and devotion. Then wait for the powerful return current of light, life and love.

As you draw nearer to this Presence of God, you will find that it can lead you to the answers, the people and the circumstances you need to fulfill your purpose in life. Contacting your Higher Self could be the best thing that ever happened to you!

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