Communion with the Three Wise Men

Communion with the Three Wise Men

“Merge Consciousness with that of the Three Wise Men”

The true Christmas story, however, is far more than a mere pageant. It always brings a vibrant, ever-living exaltation of spirit to any and all who will humbly and gratefully take a few moments to fix their attention upon the realization of its symbology; for the Christmas story must one day take place for every one of the presently unascended children of Light of earth.

Christmas, and each succeeding celebration of the Christ Mass, is the conscious release of the Christ-nature of and through the supplicant into visible, tangible expression within the heart. Allowing the Christ-self to radiate its full power of masterful Divine Love through the outer form and consciousness (personality), the soul, one with that Christ-self, lifts and raises all it contacts. Thus is the Word, the I AM THAT I AM, become flesh, and thus it does dwell among us!

It is particularly important that you allow this Christ-release, that is most powerfully accessible at winter solstice, to be made manifest in your lives, beloved chelas, even as it is fundamental that by the continuous daily use of the violet transmuting flame you keep on keeping on in the purifying of your worlds until that Holy Christ Self (abiding within the immortal threefold flame of Truth within your beating heart) stands forth visible and tangible to all who look upon you. Then shall you be known by your works, as was the beloved Jesus, and not by words alone. Then shall your outer self become a divine magnet to draw into our light whom you can so mightly assist.

The Three Wise Men—all of whom are now ascended: Melchior, beloved Morya; Balthazar, beloved Kuthumi; and Caspar, beloved Djwal Kul, better known perhaps as “the Tibetan”—were those illumined lifestreams who followed the still, small voice within, the promptings of their Inner Christ Presence.

Adoration of the kings by Jacob Andries Beschey

This divine wisdom drew them, each one, from their comfortable and accustomed abodes in various parts of the Orient to embark upon a solitary journey through dangerous and bandit-infested mountain passes and lonely desert wastes until they converged at the same place at the same (right) time. They came not only to pay loving homage to beloved Jesus, who was to become the King of kings—that is, the key to the incarnation of the Word who is God—of the Piscean age but also to give certain necessary spiritual radiations which were to bless the Holy Family at that and a later time.

Although the Wise Men brought their costly as well as symbolical physical gifts, far more important were their gifts of subtle and unseen radiations which they, as masterful instruments, delivered from God on high to our newborn Son, the radiations of the Holy Trinity—and of Faith, Hope and Charity. In addition they bestowed upon him the full-gathered momentums of the Good of their own causal bodies, which they then freely offered to the Christ, Jesus (i.e., the Holy Christ Self of Jesus)—that he might later use in his magnificent ministry to all life.

The enigmatical star of the East was a focus of the Light of beloved Jesus’ own I AM Presence, which manifested at his birth as a star made visible to the sight of those on earth. It acknowledged the coming of Jesus’ lifestream into physical embodiment, thus allowing his tremendously illumined consciousness to blaze its Light into the hearts and minds and souls of all the evolutions of this world. As that Light increased ever more powerfully throughout his early years and then expanded with Christic intensity through his glorious ministry, it permanently raised not only mankind and the elemental life evolving here but even the atomic substance of the planet itself into a better and more en-Light-ened way of life.

It is an axiom of cosmic law that one becomes that upon which his attention is fixed. Knowing this, let our conscious chelas be willing to give a little time each day, especially during the Christmas season, to the contemplation not only of the coming of Jesus’ lifestream into the world but also to the coming of those selfless, faith-filled and willingly obedient sponsors of the Christ Child in him and all Sons of God, the Magi.

In so doing let our chelas in such union of thought and feeling, their eyes fixed one-pointedly upon the star of their own beloved I AM Presence, actually merge their consciousness with that of the ascended Jesus Christ and the Three Wise Men now ascended. This communion with the saints will do much to hasten the eternal victory of each one who is willing to enter their wise dominion of consciousness applied to daily affairs.

This excerpt on Christmas and the Epiphany is from Saint Germain's December 19, 1958 Pearl of Wisdom® Vol. 1 No. 19

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