Online Radio: Calling the 144,000!

Online Radio: Calling the 144,000!

It’s Time to Come Home

Long, long ago, mankind had sunk to a depth of darkness so great there seemed no hope left or possibility for redemption.

It was the most desperate hour in Earth’s history. We had forgotten who we were or where we had come from.

Our I AM Presence and Christ Selves were distant memories, if they were remembered at all.

The Elohim, the builders of form, and the Cosmic Council of spiritual overseers for earth and her evolutions, saw that there was no one left who acknowledged their innate divinity or kept the three-fold flame within the heart.

Instead, mankind had reached such a level of darkness and density, that it seemed we could go no lower. And to dispel this darkness, only one solution seemed possible:

The earth would be destroyed! In the blink of an eye, our planet would cease to be.

Saved on the brink of destruction

But a heartbeat before that unthinkable moment arrived, one great being stepped forward to stay this drastic and irreversible action and offer mankind one last chance.

He was Sanat Kumara.

In an act of heroic sacrifice and selfless service, Sanat Kumara chose to voluntarily leave his home on Venus and journey to Earth to keep the flame of Christ consciousness alive for earth and her evolutions until mankind would choose once again take up the torch themselves.

And when Sanat Kumara came, he did not come alone!

The 144,000 Arrive

With him came one-hundred and forty-four thousand kindred souls who pledged to hold the balance on our planet during those dark days so that our souls might have opportunity for awakening and redemption…and that Earth might yet have opportunity to become Freedom’s Star.

Though they came willingly, they could not know how long it would take for their pledge to be fulfilled.

As mankind began anew to honor the flame of life, the darkness slowly lifted. As days became years…then millennia…then eons, Sanat Kumara and the hundred and forty-four thousand kept on…and earth and her evolutions survived.

Fact…or Fiction?

Yes, this may sound like a fairy tale, but there are some of you right now who reading this story feel the echoes of recognition stirring within your hearts. You feel and know the truth of this story.

You see, the 144,000 are still with us….and it’s time for them at last to return home.

Could you be one of the original 144,000? This is a very real possibility. The fact that you are reading this right now and perhaps feeling the tug of a powerful and compelling memory is an indication that this is the call your soul has been waiting a long time to hear.

If these echoes feel familiar, what should you do next?

Next Steps

You can begin by aligning yourself (or strengthening your alignment) with the ascended masters and their practical and priceless teachings.

If you are not already, you might consider becoming a Keeper of the Flame.

Whatever you choose, know this: the ascended masters are the guides and mentors we need now to point the way Home to the heart of God. They’ve been where we are. They know what we’re going through. There’s nothing they haven’t seen or done, which makes them our perfect teachers.

Their wisdom and practical tools are a priceless gift to every soul that chooses to follow the path of the ascension and reunite with the one true source of all Light and Life.

This is the path and the ultimate opportunity – and victory – that Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 came to preserve….for us!

We must not forget.
We can never turn back.

Now we must ensure that they are not forgotten and that their sacrifice was not in vain.

So, we are reaching out to the remnant of the 144,000.

Do you hear the call? Are you ready to answer?

Earth may no longer be a heartbeat from oblivion, but the battle to save her is far from over.

The great darkness that Sanat Kumara encountered more than two million years ago may have been eclipsed by the Light for a time, but vestiges of that darkness continue to fester, the fallen ones continue to plot and plan, and ancient karmas remain unbalanced.

By his great selfless sacrifice and the sacrifice of those who came with him, Sanat Kumara has given us this grand opportunity to continue the fight to ensure the ultimate victory of Light and Life.

We have taken up the torch to spread the Word and hold the balance. It is our mission. Embracing this mighty work is our way of saying thank you to Sanat Kumara.

And perhaps (does memory stir?) a way of saying “thank you”….to you.

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