Ascended Master Lanello’s Ascension Day

Ascended Master Lanello’s Ascension Day

Mark Prophet – the Ascended Master Lanello

Mark Prophet ascended on February 26, 1973 and is known as the ascended master Lanello.

Behold! I AM Everywhere in the Consciousness of God!

Mark Prophet opened the door to heaven for us all. That's how we know what we know about the Brotherhood and the path of the ascension. This is the meaning of the thread of contact.

He held it for us and never let go of it until he could place it in our hands and trust us to not let go. This is the meaning of hierarchy and the lineage of all who go before and after us. This thread is fragile and so is the grasp upon it.

“Behold! I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God!” That's the mantra of Lanello. And one day you can wake up and be there—not in the afterlife but right here and now, forever there and ever here. You can live in two worlds at once—in God's consciousness and yet fulfilling your physical responsibilities on earth.

This mantra is, was and ever shall be the communion of the saints that transcends all octaves and time and space, worlds without end: “Behold! I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God!”

Mark's Hope: Contact Your Higher Self

Mark's hope for us was and is that our souls will rise in a burst of joy and creativity through the discovery that we can truly contact the Mind of God through the Christ Self and the sacred fire raised to the crown chakra. His hope for us is that the Mind of God in us will be the open door to eternity and to the fulfillment of the spirals of our Causal Bodies here on earth.

Why Mark Prophet Ascended

One of the key reasons that Mark took his ascension was to see to it that the children of the light upon earth might traverse the dark abyss of the astral plane and arrive at their proper position, either in the etheric plane or in the octaves of light.

He wanted to collect all of us together. And the only way he could do it was to be everywhere in the consciousness of God. And so he took his leave of us and ascended.

Mother gave us a message of hope after Mark's ascension. She said, “I know that through the sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart of Mother Mary, Mark, as Lanello, has a direct tie to every soul of light on earth. I know that you can pull upon his mantle at any hour of the day or night and speak to him. Tell him of a need, personal or planetary, and he will answer that need to the fullest extent that the Great Law will allow.

“And I know that he is as fiercely dedicated to liberating each one of you here today and all who shall ever read these words as he was and is to liberating my soul unto the final victory of the ascension.

“For those of you who are beginning to understand the meaning of the fusion of heaven and earth through the Presence of Lanello, know that you have a Guru that you can hug. Know that you can hold on to that mantle and that you can tug. Know that you can talk to him, whether about the most mundane and simple things or about the most complex laws of the universe.

“He could explain the stars and he could point out all of the plots and ploys of the fallen ones designed to make us indulge our human consciousness and to detract us from the path of life.”

Mark Prophet Loved People

Lanello is a man who always loved life and loved people. There is nothing that would have delighted him more than to have remained in embodiment for two- or five-hundred years going all over the planet, loving people and talking to them. He just loved to talk to people and never ceased to be interested in people of all sorts.

Mark used to travel across the country. And wherever he would go—a café, a drug store, a gas station—he would stop and talk to the working people. He loved the working people. Mark Prophet is the guru of the little people, the farmers, the laboring classes all over America—as well as everybody else's guru.

And so for him, to ascend was the ultimate sacrifice so that we could arrive at this point to serve in our mission. Mark worked hard and he worked long. He loved enough to master himself. Self-mastery is the key to adeptship. And Mark certainly demonstrated this.

Lanello, our Ever-Present Guru

And now as the Ascended Master Lanello, he still holds this love for us all. You may contact the magnanimous heart of Lanello, our Ever-Present Guru, through playing the melody “Greensleeves.” The keynote of his identity is contained within the notes of this musical rendition.

Those of us who knew Mark have formed the habit of writing letters to Lanello, telling him of our wants and desires, our burdens, our hopes and wishes. We place these short notes either in our copy of Climb the Highest Mountain or in the Bible and leave them for Lanello to fill. And do you know, he answers almost all our ordinate desires—those that are in accordance with the will of God.

The answer is not always instantaneous, but it is fun to look back over our lists after a period of time and see how many have been answered. Perhaps you would like to join us in this exercise. It is not too late!

In Lanello we have our model for victory. He is our living Guru. Always remember that he is saying to you and to me, “You, too, can make it if you TRY! You can make it in this very life!”

Saint Germain has told us, “Death is either the doorway to infinity or a point of reentry whereby man must eventually return to the finite to undo and redo and to finish that which he has left undone.”

For Mark Prophet, death and hell were swallowed up in Christ's victory. Truly, Mark lived and died and ascended for his principles and his loves, which were God's. He exchanged the body terrestrial for the body celestial (1 Cor. 15:40) that we all might live. We have come to know one who walked among us, who knew God and who became one with his everlasting consciousness. He bids us do the same. He takes our hand. He shows us the way.

And yet, Mark traveled a long and hard road in this embodiment to find his way. It was not easy. He began a long, personal search, with many experiences and great disappointments in searching for God.

He found that the religions of the world, and even the alternative movements, were not always what he thought they should be. But he kept right on searching. And somewhere along the line, the Ascended Master El Morya made his appearance. We have all heard, “When the pupil is ready, the Teacher appears.”

Mark Relates some of his Experiences and Philosophy:

“I was laughed at, called insane—even by people on the spiritual path. What kept me going in my search for God was the fact that I knew that God was real, and I had absolute faith that somehow or other he would show me the path that would enable me to do the work which I came to earth to do.

“For I believe that every life is a mission, and I think that each of you has a specific God-mission to perform in this world. I do not believe, however, that every mission is the same; each one is needed to complement the other. Therefore, we have to recognize that Western man has a job to do. And the time is short!

“There are hungry hearts out here in the world who are waiting for the message. You can do a lot as a divine missionary for God. But you must study until you know what you are talking about. A partial truth is as dangerous as error itself.”

Mark often told us that he could not have made it on the Path without the overshadowing, care, compassion and wisdom of Mother Mary.

Many times he was bowed down not only by planetary karma but also by the weight of personal karma. He would emerge from all of this time and time again through the intercession of the Divine Mother. And now we have access to the intercession of Lanello, who is offering to help us over the rough places, as Mother Mary did for him.

In his book Cosmic Consciousness, Lanello said, “Even now I am merging the attainment of my Christ consciousness with your own Holy Christ Self that my consciousness, merging with that of your own Higher Mind, might provide the bridge whereby this mortal might put on immortality, this corruptible might put on incorruption.” (1 Cor. 15:53)

Claim the Mantle

We are left now, with the heart and message of America's twentieth-century Prophet and his mantle for any and all who will claim it.

So, as we pray to receive the mantle of Mark's magnanimous heart, let us again remember Longfellow's words:

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time.

Mark, as the Ascended Master Lanello, now bids us follow in the footsteps he has so clearly left behind.

And he is saying to each of us, as he said to his twin flame, “May you win all the way!”

“Ours must be a message of infinite love, and we must demonstrate that love to the world.”—Mark L. Prophet

The above is excerpted from the book Memories of Mark – My Life with Mark Prophet, by Annice Booth.

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