The Path of Adeptship

The Path of Adeptship

With the release of the DVD The Path that Leads to Adeptship, we have collected a few of the many references the masters and archangels have made to becoming adepts.

Pearl of Wisdom   Vol. 38 No. 13 – Beloved Lanello

Go for your adeptship and make adeptship your concentration, flanked by the Love of Maitreya and the Wisdom of Manjushri. Visualize yourself holding the hands of these two Bodhisattvas. See yourself as the Lighthouse between them, magnifying your beams through the lens of their minds and the minds of the Buddhas who stand behind them.

Take courage and take heart, beloved ones. For when you open your eyes and you see beyond the veil, you shall know the glory of God within you and you shall know the unreality of Death and Hell.

Yes, I AM your Lanello. I come in this hour to bring comfort to you who have borne many burdens, even if those burdens be your karma and even if you made that karma because of your psychology. For, beloved, you must resolve both your karma and your psychology. But the longer you wait to resolve your psychology, the more karma you will make from day to day.

Pearl of Wisdom   Vol. 34 No. 56 – Ascended Lady Master Meta

Yes, beloved, if you have a true desire for adeptship–not for spiritual pride but for the giving of the gift of self on behalf of those who have not the qualifications to attain that adeptship–then I tell you, heaven will not hold you back. There is no holding back of the one who is willing to move forward and who does recognize in this hour that chelas of self-mastery are the ones who must come forward if those prophecies that are coming upon the earth are to be stopped or mitigated.

A karma is descending. It is a grave karma, beloved. Of all those who speak positively, whether on the economy or the political events or of those situations that are transpiring in every nation, none can hide the darkness of the Dark Cycle. May you be a bright light within that cycle.

Pearl of Wisdom   Vol. 37 No. 22 – Beloved Gautama Buddha

Beloved ones, you do not need to learn your lessons the hard way. Observe when others fall into the ditch but do not follow them. You don’t have time for detours if you are to make this life count for self-mastery and adeptship.

Considering that life and the life span of the evolutions of earth is short and that you can scarcely fulfill a life plan before the body begins to disintegrate, it is absolutely necessary for you to look squarely at the components of your psychology and tackle them one by one.

Thus I say to you, there is not a hierarch of Light in heaven who will force you to do anything. Nevertheless, I am stating that this is my will for you and it is my desire that Maitreya and Manjushri join the World Teachers, Jesus Christ and Kuthumi, in this Mystery School to tutor your souls in the joyous process of casting the hurts into the violet flame and retaining only the wisdom and the love and the empowerment you receive in the conquering of self.

And I can only tell you that the principal reason that devotees leave this Community is because they have not really worked on the issues of their psychology; therefore they cannot deal with the spiritual challenges. The fault lies not in the Community. The fault lies not in the Messenger or in Maitreya. The fault lies in the individual who says, “I will go thus far but no farther.” This is a most dangerous state of consciousness, especially in the devotee who has had Maitreya open the door for him to enter and be here.

Thus my advice to you, which comes on the heels of my assessment of planetary conditions and the assessment of all of the bodhisattvas in the earth, is that you seriously consider that what will save this earth is your determination to strive for and achieve adeptship. I advise you, the chelas of the Ascended Masters, to develop a willingness to go through the pain of making yourselves whole through your own Holy Christ Self–who, of course, is always one with the Lord Jesus.

Pearl of Wisdom   Vol. 34 No. 67 – Beloved Jesus Christ

The testings come but, oh, what joy to know that up that spinal stalk, up that ladder, you can achieve greater and greater adeptship within these four lower bodies, therefore joyously demonstrating to many that the path that is followed does bring joy and mastery and is not the via dolorosa. It is not a sorrowful way!

But that [path] does not exclude the pain and the trial of overcoming. It does not exclude the wrestling with the lesser self and the hordes of hell. All these things come to pass.

But what? You have the entire Spirit of the Great Brotherhood to reinforce you, and Cosmic Beings all the way back to the Great Central Sun. No test is given without a mighty force of angels to reinforce your will and your determination.

Blessed hearts, engage your teeth in the struggle and surmount it and know the supreme bliss of union. This union you can accomplish daily–daily, I say! Do not postpone it!

Pearl of Wisdom   Vol. 34 No. 47 – Beloved Archangel Michael

Come now, beloved ones. Understand that you must examine your day’s preoccupations of the mind and the body and the feelings and the memory. And take command, I say! Take command in the name of the Seven Archangels of your life and your will and your love and the application of knowledge and wisdom [given] unto you!

Yes, beloved, seek adeptship! It has been said. I say it again: Seek adeptship. Above all, do not make the single mistake of being satisfied with yourself as you are today. And I shall tell you a secret of the Seven Archangels: We are not satisfied as we manifest God today, and on the morrow you shall see Seven Archangels in a new manifestation! We are never the same, beloved, but always incorporating, embodying in our great bodies of Light more of the God who is the Limitless One.

Yes, beloved. Never rest upon your oars and remain satisfied! If you will obey my command to you this day and that of the other six who stand with me in agreement [–to seek adeptship–] you shall build another thirty-three-year spiral and see how this Lighthouse shall cover the earth with the light of love and draw all men and women and children to their Mighty I AM Presence and to the mighty lineage of Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ and Padma Sambhava.

Thus, beloved, be humbled before your God and be emboldened before the world!

Pearl of Wisdom   Vol. 34 No. 64 – Beloved Saint Germain

Determine that you shall be wed to your Holy Christ Self by a certain day and date and set a reasonable timetable for yourself. Then call for the initiations of Jesus Christ and ask that you might be made his very personal disciple and that he might anoint you this night. Set yourself to the task of rooting out, plucking out, line by line and hair by hair, every point that is out of alignment with that Christ-potential within you.

If you are determined and absolutely determined on this Path and you will not take a backward step but pass every test, I, Saint Germain, assure you that you can make rapid strides in the internal harmony of being and in the great fount of Love that wells up within you, even as a gift of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to you. [And I assure you] that you are [now] able to achieve that bonding much more quickly than you have anticipated.

Most individuals do not have more than five seriously bad habits in their worlds. You should isolate what you consider to be five [negative] practices or habits, character traits or momentums that you notice are repetitive in your life.

Isolate them. Go after them. Call to the Five Dhyani Buddhas [to help you]! Call to Mighty Cosmos’ five secret rays [to help you]! Go after the eradication of those points, beloved, perhaps points of density or ignorance or slothfulness or untidiness or unkindness, et cetera, et cetera.

When you begin to analyze yourself and set a chart before yourself and write down when you pass or fail your tests, when you will go about this systematically as a grocery packer checks off that which he is packing, as the simplest of workingmen does keep account of what he has accomplished on an assembly line or in any place of work whatsoever–when you look at the spiritual path in these terms, you will find that it is possible [to tackle this] task with practicality, setting up systems for yourself and reminders [so that you can whittle away at the dead and dying momentums of your human consciousness].

This is the way I like to see Keepers of the Flame approach the path of the Seventh Ray, for it is a path of science and alchemy and the ritual of the cosmos and the ritual of the priesthood of Melchizedek. And divine ritual, beloved, contains within it the formula [for its completion] from the beginning unto the ending.

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