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Since The Summit Lighthouse was founded in 1958 by Mark L. Prophet under the sponsorship of the ascended masters, it has been our goal to bring liberation to all souls everywhere who seek spiritual freedom; to all those who sense their own innate divinity and wish to express and develop it.

To further this goal, Church Universal and Triumphant was established in 1975 and has since become a worldwide resource for the teachings of the ascended masters.

The ascended master teachings we espouse are universal, bridging the wisdom of the great spiritual traditions of both East and West.

We have always honored and respected free will and the right to choose whatever beliefs resonate in each heart and soul.

We have remained steadfast in our determination to spread the message of spiritual universality to all who desire it worldwide…and we intend to continue until this mission is fulfilled. Our message is always one of awakening to the light within; a positive message for world transformation and renewal.

We invite you to:

…and then determine what resonates within your heart.

This is the age where we once again return to the feet of the ascended masters—those who can show us how to ascend the mountain of Being. They are the true guides for our journey home.

In your journey, may you find the necessary keys to understand and achieve spiritual mastery in your life and connect with the masters who can mentor your soul on the upward path to reuniting with your higher self – the Mighty I AM Presence.

Church Universal and Triumphant® is a formal church with sacred rituals and inner temple teachings.

It was founded in 1975 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet when the Board of Directors for The Summit Lighthouse incorporated the church to meet the religious needs of an expanding body of spiritual seekers.

The ascended masters Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha are sponsors.

Sacraments and Rituals

The church offers nine sacraments, including Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Penance, Marriage, Anointing the Sick (including Last Rites) and Ordination.

These are the seven sacred rituals that commemorate the seven rays of the Christ in our lives and in our associations with the Church.

First Step – Become a Keeper of the Flame

After studying the wisdom of the ascended masters in the Keepers of the Flame Lessons (through membership in the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity), the Pearls of Wisdom® (in English and las Perlas de Sabiduría en Español) and the books of the masters’ teachings, you may feel the inner calling to make a deeper commitment to the Brotherhood.

Membership in Church Universal and Triumphant

Membership in Church Universal and Triumphant is the next step, entering into the white-fire core beyond Keepers of the Flame.

Since it takes time to properly consider the commitment of Church membership, one must be a Keeper of the Flame in good standing on the eighth lesson or beyond before being eligible to become a Communicant.

Why Become a Member?

Fusing with the Holy Christ Self is the communicant’s highest goal. Those who achieve it can expect to receive the full initiations received by Jesus Christ. This bonding prepares the initiate for permanent union with God, the I AM Presence, in the ritual of the ascension.

When you become a communicant, Jesus and Gautama—the spiritual heads of Church Universal and Triumphant—will sponsor and initiate you as you pursue the path of Christhood.

As you embody the qualities that the Master demonstrated and honor the Great Commandment to love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself, you become a chalice of light overflowing to offer to a world in need.

The Ascended Masters' Commitment

The commitment of the individual is matched by commitment from the ascended masters.

When you become a Keeper of the Flame you have a tie through the office of the messengers to the ascended masters who sponsor that order. When you become a Communicant, you have a figure-eight flow to the office of the Vicar of Christ, with greater assistance from the ascended masters.

Church Universal and Triumphant Eleven Tenets of Faith

I. Foundation, Head and Communicants of Church Universal and Triumphant
II. God, Christ and the Soul
III. Ascended Masters, Hierarchy, the Great White Brotherhood
IV. Sacred Scriptures, Progressive Revelation, the Messengers
V. The Path of Becoming the Christ and the Buddha
VI. The Divine Mother and the Aquarian Age
VII. Baptism, Violet Flame, Balance of Karma
VIII. The Nine Sacraments of the Church
IX. Free Will, Antichrist, Armageddon
X. Sacrifice, Surrender, Selflessness and Service
XI. Law of the Tithe

Becoming a Communicant

Communicant classes are held at the Inner Retreat during quarterly conferences. .

See also: Beliefs and Pathway of the Soul.

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