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Keepers of the Flame

Join like-minded spiritual seekers who desire to keep the flame of life on behalf of mankind

Pathway for Families

A collection of spiritual and educational resources for you and your family.

Enseñanzas en Español

Artículos y enseñanzas de los maestros ascendidos en español disponibles para ti.


Free Lessons for Your Spiritual Journey

  • VioletFlame.com – 30 Day Violet Flame Challenge and lots of Violet Flame resources.
  • Archangel Lessons – Ten free lessons to help you develop a strong relationship with the archangels.
  • Chakra Lessons – Ten free lessons to help you activate, balance, cleanse and master your chakras with spiritual exercises, visualizations and mantras.
  • Karma Lessons – Nine Lessons to help you overcome the challenges of your karma and learn the great secret of transmutation.
  • The Story of Sanat Kumara – Did you follow Sanat Kumara to Shambhala to save earth in her darkest hour?

Great Resources for Your Spiritual Journey

  • Holy Orders – Looking for a way to lift the burdens of earth and heal yourself and your loved ones in the process? Holy Orders is for all spiritual seekers looking for an inspiring and creative way to offer world service and help accelerate earth into a Golden Age of freedom, peace, and enlightenment.
  • Summit University – Plus self-study online spiritual courses on the ascension, Saint Germain and the violet flame, and twin flames; seminars, event calendar.
  • Elizabeth Clare Prophet .org – Informational website about author and Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
  • Elizabeth Clare Prophet .com – Website selling books and audio downloads of lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
  • Mark Prophet – About author and Messenger Mark Prophet.
  • Mystical Paths of the World's Religions – Hours of audio and video teachings by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
  • My I AM Presence – Chart of the I AM Presence for different religious traditions.
  • Book Study Groups – Free how-to study materials for the pocket guides to practical spirituality.

Subject Specific Resource Websites

Online Stores

  • The Spiritual Store – The Summit Lighthouse Bookstore – Books, art, CDs and DVDs on the ascended master's teachings. Your one-stop destination for unique spiritual gifts, wellness and personal transformation.
  • Ascended Master Library – Online store for audio files of dictations by the ascended masters, lectures by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, songs, invocations and decree sessions. (Currently only works with Internet Explorer)
  • Summit University Press – Publisher for The Summit Lighthouse

Enseñanzas en Español

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