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Keepers of the Flame

Join like-minded spiritual seekers who desire to keep the flame of life on behalf of mankind

Pathway for Families

A collection of spiritual and educational resources for you and your family.

Enseñanzas en Español

Artículos y enseñanzas de los maestros ascendidos en español disponibles para ti.

Free Lessons for Your Spiritual Journey

  • VioletFlame.com - 30 Day Violet Flame Challenge and lots of Violet Flame resources.
  • Archangel Lessons - Ten free lessons to help you develop a strong relationship with the archangels.
  • Chakra Lessons - Ten free lessons to help you activate, balance, cleanse and master your chakras with spiritual exercises, visualizations and mantras.
  • Karma Lessons - Nine Lessons to help you overcome the challenges of your karma and learn the great secret of transmutation.
  • The Story of Sanat Kumara - Did you follow Sanat Kumara to Shambhala to save earth in her darkest hour?

Great Resources for Your Spiritual Journey


Subject Specific Resource Websites


Online Stores

  • The Summit Lighthouse Bookstore - Books, art, CDs and DVDs on the ascended master's teachings
  • Ascended Master Library - Online store for audio files of dictations by the ascended masters, lectures by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, songs, invocations and decree sessions. (Currently only works with Internet Explorer)
  • Summit University Press - Publisher for The Summit Lighthouse
  • The Spiritual Store - Your one-stop destination for unique spiritual gifts, wellness and personal transformation.

Enseñanzas en Español

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