Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Who is Elizabeth Clare Prophet?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939-2009) left a legacy of extensive ascended master teachings, a treasure trove of information, insights and initiations.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet was an author, teacher, messenger and leader of The Summit Lighthouse. Like her husband, Mark Prophet, her calling was to be a prophet of God, or one who delivers the Word of God. In this role as a messenger, she communed with angels and ascended masters through the power of the Holy Spirit in the manner of the ancient prophets and apostles, and she delivered their messages to the world.

These messages contain the words of the heavenly host as “dictations,” as well as a transfer of light for soul quickening and initiation. While receiving these dictations, she was fully conscious yet in an exalted state. The messages occur through the conveyance of the Holy Spirit and not through psychicism or spiritualism where a disembodied spirit takes over the body of a channeler.

Who Is Elizabeth Clare Prophet Teachings of the Ascended Masters Summit LighthouseThrough Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the ascended masters released profound teachings, messages and prophecies that present a path and a teaching whereby everyone on earth can find their way back to God. Many of the dictations by the archangels and ascended masters are available on an ongoing basis as Pearls of Wisdom®. These Pearls are also available as ePearls, free PDFs of the current printed Pearls of Wisdom sent by email twice a month.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet never claimed to be a master herself, but only the ascended masters’ instrument; she saw herself as a servant of the light in all ascended masters’ students and in all people.

During her mission and ministry, she taught on a wide variety of spiritual subjects: angels and archangels, karma and reincarnation, healing and wholeness, soul mates, twin flames and relationships, and practical spirituality, to name just a few. Her books and writings are intended to give people the opportunity to know the Truth that can set them free.

Her great desire was to share a spiritual path that will take true seekers, in the tradition of the masters of the Far East, as far as they can go and need to go to meet their true teachers, the ascended masters, the archangels and their own Higher Self, face-to-face.

Her unpublished writings, lectures and dictations from the ascended masters continue to be released by The Summit Lighthouse and Summit University Press. Published in English in multiple formats then often translated into more than 30 languages, these teachings of the ascended masters continue to beckon to the new seeker as well as to challenge the long-time student.

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