Your Personal Seraphim

Your Personal Seraphim

For Our Assistance, Deliverance and Resurrection

This post is an excerpt from the 1993 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 34 – Elohim Astrea's dictation Accept Your Seraph as Teacher, Initiator and Dearest Friend.

When you gain a momentum in offering the resurrection mantras on behalf of all servants of God and elemental life, as Jesus has given you through the Messenger the Ritual of the Resurrection Flame,1 I tell you that you will be empowered by the Spirit of the Resurrection, who is a Cosmic Being from out the Great Central Sun.

Events beyond the control of any angel or Cosmic Being, events that show the consistency and the impartiality of God’s Law, events that are the cycling and recycling of planetary karma–these are not abrogated save one such as Moses should plead for the mercy of God on behalf of a wayward people. And so you have been told that when you invoke the violet flame and you call for the mitigation of the descending woes and karmas, there is indeed a mitigation of individual and world karma proportionate to the number of devotees invoking the violet flame on behalf of the people. In this role you intercede before the Holy of holies as did the Levitical priesthood and as do the members of the priesthood of Melchizedek and Lord Zadkiel.

Seraph Will Come to You as Initiator, Teacher and Dearest Friend

We have said and we say it again: There is yet time for you to invoke that world transmutation! There is yet time for the sacred fire to descend upon you through the agency of the seraphim as it descended on Isaiah. This is the hour when you can call upon God to send that seraph for the purging of your soul. And when you receive him, you do your part by calling to the violet flame to transmute all records of sin. Then, when you have set your house in order as a violet flame house, you can call to him again. And this time, by your decrees, that seraph will come to you as initiator, as teacher, as dearest friend.

You need not fear the seraphim. That single seraph assigned to you, beloved, will not burn your tongue with a hot coal but he will purge your throat chakra to the extent allowed by the Great Law. And he will bit by bit, day by day require of you that you cast some morsel of misqualified substance into the violet flame and that you change certain thought patterns, certain emotional patterns and certain lower vibrations that you have carried for far too long. That single seraph assigned to you will assist you and deliver you, if you so desire his assistance and his deliverance.

These seraphim have gathered here in the Heart of the Inner Retreat by leave of Elohim of the Fourth Ray. They will be assigned to each one who desires to receive the initiations outlined. I only counsel you thus: God has sent angels to your side in the past. You have gone forth from such dictations with a vibration so high that you could scarcely remember what was said. And by and by you have forgot that angels or elementals were assigned to you and you have forgot to command them in the service of the Holy Christ Self of all sons and daughters of God on earth. So this time, beloved, write down the following, if you will, in your daily planner or calendar:

On this day and date and hour [Saturday, June 26, 1993, at 6:10 p.m.] a seraphim has come to me, assigned by Elohim of the Fourth Ray. I have accepted him as my tutor and my initiator and I will strive daily to rise to new levels of my own God Presence dwelling in me bodily, even as the Lord God dwelt bodily in my Lord and Saviour. I will follow my Lord all the way to Golgotha and beyond. I will follow him to the East, to India. I will follow him unto the resurrection and unto eternal life!

If you desire to do these things and to affirm them daily, write them down before you retire this night so that you will remember that you have entered into an association with a seraph sent from the throne of God to deliver you that you might deliver others. This is the calling, beloved. This is the reason for being.

Let your flesh be filled with Light! Let your chakras be filled with Light! But know also that a day and date and hour comes to all when the opportunity for ultimate victory in this particular lifetime draws to a close.

Set your goal for what you desire to accomplish on the spiritual path and what you desire to accomplish in your profession and in relation to your secular and karmic responsibilities. Set your timetables, set your lifelines. And see to it that when this earthly life span is through (and you enter the gates of the heaven-world once again, as you have entered them many times before) you have books of good record under your arm that you or your recording angel have kept in the library of your etheric body so that you may open them before the Lords of Karma and say, “See, day by day by day I have done thus and such in the service of my God.”

1. The Ritual of the Resurrection Flame by Jesus the Christ is in the 1993 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 36 No. 18 and available as an audio CD or download from Login to the site, click the “Advanced Search” button at the bottom, enter “B92040” in the Product Code box. You then see both the Ritual and the dictation by Jesus that followed the Ritual.

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