Your God Is Your Guide

Your God Is Your Guide

This excerpt is from the dictation by Jesus Christ My Heart/Thy Heart delivered July 5, 1991 and published in the 1991 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 34 No. 40 .

Jesus - Rose of Sharon

I am come to you even as the rose of Sharon unfolding in your heart. Do you know that I am your heart, my beloved?

My heart in thy heart is the adequate vessel. Yet how evanescent, vanishing, is the Light thou canst not hold.

Would you hold Light, O precious children?

Then know you must become one with my heart, for the heart is the point, the very first point, of thine immortality. This heart of petals of rose of Sharon truly is the vessel. To receive it, to receive it around your heart yet within your heart, yet apart and within and apart again, you must begin to pluck out these filings of mortality and replace them with the strands of immortality, building day by day, building day by day.

It is the desiring, beloved, O the desiring and the intense longing to be who you are! It is the very disappointments of this world–the frustrations, the nonfulfillment, expectations never quite reached, for they contain the memory of heaven, horizons lost, paradise escaped.

Thus [you are] always yearning, always looking for that Presence to be there. Yet the Presence does recede that you might follow it, not as a chimera but as our God, who does lead you up the mountain, up the spiral staircase. Higher where the air is thinner, thou must work and work again to breathe the sacred fire breath that burns on the holy mountain of God.

God gives you a glimpse of the Divine Self and beckons; and as you reach out, that God does ascend another level. Thus, you see, your God is your guide. Each step you take is in pursuit of the seemingly vanishing one but truly the Beloved One, who cares for you, who woos you, who plays hide-and-seek with you, allowing you to see the darkest and the depths and the degradations–all those things that you may observe in this world so that, beloved, you may say:

“Not this, not that. Not this, not that. It is not yet the fullness of my Beloved. Therefore will I thirst. Therefore will I hunger. And I will not partake of the husks of this world. I will fast and pray until the Lord enter my temple and chase out the hobgoblins of the mind and reinstate the hierarchies of angels who take dominion in the mind.”

Aye, they set coordinates for you in the mental body. Even as you decree, even as you wrap each word in love and devotion, so, beloved, the fires of the points of atomic particles, electrons, nuclei suns begin to glow. And through these coordinates of the most intense energy of the Matter cosmos, you begin to draw–by the very magnet of the nucleus of self, multiplied a billion times over by the points of light of atoms of the mind–you draw to yourself the heavenly patterns.

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