You Are Children of the Sun

You Are Children of the Sun

With the coming of the solar eclipse, enjoy this message to the children of the Sun from Helios excerpted from the landmark 1991 dictation The Happiness of the Sun published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 34 No. 40 .

You are children of the Sun, beloved! You can do anything through that Cosmic Christ consciousness of the Sun. Anything, I tell you, is possible in God! Only remember that you are made of sunbeams. You are made of sun-center energy. You are made of cosmic fire of Elohim in the beginning with the Word.

Therefore I break the boundaries of limitation!

I shatter the old matrices of mortality!

Remember that ye are God’s! This is our theme for this conference 1991. Remember that ye are God’s, and God does hold you close to himself and the only distance you know [between yourself and him] is time and space conditioned by inharmony. But there is no inharmony in the sun, only the smile of the dawn and the smile of the sunset and the smile of the noonday.

Did you ever see the sun when the sun was not smiling?

Tell me, beloved. [“No!”]

Therefore who is frowning but the dark clouds of the fallen ones that attempt to cover and eclipse the Sun of your own I AM Presence?

I say to each and every one of you, let not the eclipse of the sun or the moon in any way mar the blessings of the Sun of your soul and the Sun of your I AM Presence!

Therefore defeat that astrology that is oncoming! Defeat it I say, beloved, for unto you is the cup of Victory. Only take it. Only remind yourself daily, “I am the son, the daughter of Helios and Vesta and I am happy because I am in my God and my God is in me.”

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