The Eye of Morya Is Upon You

The Eye of Morya Is Upon You

This excerpt is from the dictation He That Keepeth the Citadel of Consciousness by El Morya delivered January 1, 1978 published in the 2006 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 49 No. 17.

Did you know that the Gurus take the temperature of their chelas oft by coming in proximity thereto, oft by extending the Electronic Presence?

And so when you look at my picture and you say to yourself, “The eye of Morya is upon me,” it is!

I address myself to the keeping of the citadel of consciousness. This is a lecture that I will be giving in many forms and from the point of the center of three hundred and sixty degrees of mankind’s consciousness. Therefore, I come to deliver that portion of my lecture that pertains to the chela on the Path. Some of you who would be chelas have studied well my release on this subject.

I come to deal with the matter of those who think themselves chelas and yet allow a large room of area around the aura for slack in consciousness, a large room for living unto the law of the self and a gray area of confusion wherein the chela considers himself to be chela and highly acceptable at that. And yet, when it comes to the little and the great admonishments of the ascended masters or the messenger, these seem to pass by as dry leaves in an autumn wind. They are not taken as pertaining to the self.

And so we find within our band of servitors that there are hearts well intended who consider that if they contain the spirit of Morya, and that containment is questionable in the light of their policy of self-determination, that therefore they need not follow the letter of the Law.

The more I intensify my presence within the messenger, the more the messenger finds that the subtle rebellion and stubbornness that is out of keeping with the shaft of blue ray from Darjeeling is uncomfortable, unacceptable. And therefore, you see, we transmit our own reaction to the messenger whereby we must withdraw ourselves from the unworthy chelas who consider themselves worthy.

Blessed hearts, self-righteousness and spiritual pride are an infectious disease, and they have been the undoing of any number of circles of devotees sponsored by the masters of the Himavat*.

I come to correct your understanding in order that your orbit in the new year may come to that point of being as close to the Central Sun as possible and yet in that direct proportion to love, to wisdom and to will. Far more dangerous is the chela who considers himself worthy, and who is not, than is the chela who knows that he is unworthy and is determined to do something about it! And since you yourselves have not the degree of co-measurement, I come to report to you that you ought to consider this day that if you are not responding to the voice of conscience within with speed, with alacrity, with love, then you are failing to respond to me. And in that moment, you are counted the unworthy chela.

Now, beloved ones, there is no permanent status of favoritism among chelas. Simply because you have rendered a gigantic service for our Brotherhood does not secure to you the diamonds of glory forevermore. And therefore, how dangerous is the Path for the chela who is in effective service and who, day by day, mounts up as with eagle wings to perform those acts that generate light and love in our midst. For these are the very ones who can become complacent and in a moment of independence set aside so much good karma which they have accrued to their lifestream.

And so you see, the key to the understanding of chelaship is that God is the doer and that in all works that are wrought through you, to him be the glory. And therefore, you seek not glory for chela, but only again and again to be reduced to the diamond point of light, to have your lesser self and its lesser involvements dissolved, to have the fattened consciousness thinned and to have the self-satisfaction become, rather, satisfaction in the whole, in the community, in the Path and in the alignment.

Beloved ones, those who follow me up the mountain know one thing, that my philosophy is this—life is not worth living when it is lived, even for a moment, outside of the will of God. It is this awareness that gave to Mary the Mother the intensity of her concentration to bring forth the Christ, because it was ordained, because it was the will of God. This is reason enough for those who have risen above the mists of self-indulgence to perceive the crystal clarity of a cosmos, a cosmos all aligned with the will that is the supreme love of the Creator in the creation.

*The Theosophical Glossary defines Himavat as Sanskrit for the personified Himalayas. In his final embodiment, the ascended master El Morya was born El Morya Khan, a Rajput prince in India, who later became a monk. As the “Mahatma of the Himavat,” he and other adepts frequented many of the Himalayan retreats of the Brotherhood.

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