Wesak Teachings from Gautama

Wesak Teachings from Gautama

Excerpt from the Master One Petal dictation by Gautama Buddha delivered Sunday, May 1, 19941

Blessed hearts, changes come swiftly in the earth. A sudden turn of events will come upon you when you least expect it: a tragedy, a triumph, as well as sorrows, sickness and despair. All these things are the lot of those who have gone forth from Maitreya’s Mystery School, known as the Garden of Eden, and who have made their way in the world of karma and karma-making, who have sinned and whose karma is yet upon them.

I say, beloved, you are making your way back to the heart of Maitreya from that point of departure, whether you left under the influence of the serpents (i.e., fallen angels of the Second Ray) or your own carnal mind, sympathetically attuned to their minds.

Yes, beloved, this is the place you return to. This is the place that those who were a part of Maitreya’s original Mystery School must come home to. This is the place of the Teaching, the Initiation, the place of the untangling of minds that are no longer centered in the Mind of God. This is the place where you fulfill your reason for being, where you are able to rise above the tainted human consciousness and consume it by the sacred fire, and to do so through the heart of Maitreya.

Manjushri has come this day to join Maitreya indefinitely to help hold the balance for each one’s personal victory. You are here, beloved. You are not in the former Eden, you are not in a state of the consciousness of sin, yet you bear a certain amount of karma. I say, get on with it. Balance it. Put it into the fire!

Heretofore it has been an option for you to deal with the issues of your psyche, your soul, and the divisions of the soul and the losing of that soul and the finding again of that soul. We have made this a freewill choice. It has been something that you may or may not have elected to do.

I have come this day after much deliberation with Maitreya concerning the fruitfulness of the lives of those who are here at Maitreya’s Mystery School. And we have determined that I should include in this my worldwide dissertation for Wesak a message specifically to those of you who are a part of this Community of the Holy Spirit here and around the world.

It is no longer possible for us to say to you it does not matter whether you pursue the issues of your psychology or work and work diligently to turn over the earth of the subconscious and the unconscious vessels as you would systematically spade your garden row by row. It is become of paramount importance, beloved, that you do take up this work, which is truly the mightiest work of the ages that you can be engaged in. For when you successfully complete it, you will have the best possible opportunity of moving on to higher dimensions of consciousness both in this life and in the life to come.

There are some who are men, there are some who are women who simply have no heart for digging in and opening up the old wounds and experiencing the pain that comes when you determine to heal the psyche. For these are wounds you do not remember receiving because these wounds go back many, many lifetimes.

Blessed ones, it is true. We have called you to manifest your adeptship. We have called you that we might bring you to an age comparable to the golden age of Jesus Christ on Atlantis. We have called you to come to the place on your ongoing spiritual path (continuing from past lives) where you walk the earth in the full presence of your Holy Christ Self, having balanced at least 51 percent of your karma.

This is not possible, beloved ones, if you have not confronted these issues and they are still hanging over you. For they will trap you just when you are about to receive your diploma signifying spiritual or secular achievement. And all of a sudden you are pulled back because either the emotional body or the mental body has not attained resolution, balance or purification and therefore, beloved, you are unable to move forward.

This is a very sad day for those who have moved forward along the lines of academic study and personal development but have neglected the most foundational levels of the psyche. I refer to the area of old records, spots and blemishes on the soul that mar her advancement, complications that are actually compromising the forward progress of chelas on the Path daily–and that without their even realizing it.

Thus I, Gautama, warn you and say sternly to all: it is time to accelerate your reading of the books selected for you by the Messenger and by professionals both within and without the Community. It is high time that you did dig in and complete the process and that you realize that until you accomplish this you are subject to making wrong turns in your life.

You may enter into a marriage and you may get out of a marriage. You may waste precious months and years of your life with people or in undertakings that you would never have gotten involved with had you pursued your own wholeness and thus been attracted to others who also value their psychological and spiritual wholeness.

All of this because you have avoided dealing with the painful past and therefore you are magnetized to those who have also not dealt with their past. Thus, you find yourself in another round of karmic entanglements that you should have long ago left behind, and you wake up one day having spent your sacred fire and having nothing to show for it but lost seasons and lost opportunities.

Beloved ones, you do not need to learn your lessons the hard way. Observe when others fall into the ditch but do not follow them. You don’t have time for detours if you are to make this life count for self-mastery and adeptship.

Considering that life and the life span of the evolutions of earth is short and that you can scarcely fulfill a life plan before the body begins to disintegrate, it is absolutely necessary for you to look squarely at the components of your psychology and tackle them one by one.

Thus I say to you, there is not a hierarch of Light in heaven who will force you to do anything. Nevertheless, I am stating that this is my will for you and it is my desire that Maitreya and Manjushri join the World Teachers, Jesus Christ and Kuthumi, in this Mystery School to tutor your souls in the joyous process of casting the hurts into the violet flame and retaining only the wisdom and the love and the empowerment you receive in the conquering of self.

– – – – – –
Excerpt from the Wesak Address 1990 by Gautama Buddha2

Therefore, you must pray with great fervor that what you desire to be your desire will truly be your desire. Pray for God’s desiring for you to be implanted [within you] as a bulb of a beautiful flower in springtime, that the bulb be planted at all levels of the subconscious and the unconscious that God’s desiring might occupy the totality of your being and that the flower might spring forth and show itself as an angelic flower, an amaryllis, blossoming in full glory at the conscious level.

I will tell you, beloved, that joy and perpetual joy in the Holy Spirit is the sign of the resolution of your desiring unto God’s desiring at these deeper levels of self, whereas agitation and anger and depression and despondency at conscious levels is the sign of inordinate desiring at the subconscious and unconscious levels, [which can never truly be fulfilled simply because it is inordinate].

Truly it is the joy of the spirit and of the Holy Spirit and the perpetual love of that Holy Spirit in the heart that is the sign of those who have that inner resolution. All of their being ripples with the joy of desiring to do God’s will. And that desiring multiplies itself and increases until the will of God, as a shaft of ray from the Central Sun, does entirely engulf such a one until that one is perpetually buoyant in the joy of her Lord.

See therefore, beloved, the surface markings of the mines beneath the surface. Some are dangerous mines, explosive to the point of being able to destroy the soul. Such is the compressing and the compacting of wrong desire in the unconscious. Thus, it is sealed that the soul might be sealed from harm for a season while she does sow good works, reap good fruits, affirm God’s will and learn the lessons of how that will of God is always good, always better, always the best choice, always the key unlocking doors of initiation and bringing the soul to her resolution and thus her liberation.

You who have taken the five secret rays, you who have known the Dhyani Buddhas, know my heart. For you have begun to be sensitive to the subtleties of the splinters of Darkness sown in the garment, caught in its threads, that have kept you from the full glory of the Lord, the full joy of your service, the full ability to neutralize negativity.

O my beloved, I am your Lord, Gautama Buddha, and therefore the servant of your Inner Buddha and your Inner Christ. I come because you have so progressed as to receive these intimations of my heart and also because your Messenger has come to the altar to be initiated in these levels of God-awareness. Therefore, because we may raise up the Messenger to new levels of service to you, we may also raise you up to new levels of service with the Messenger unto all Life.

Praise God that this one is never satisfied but to open the door and the next door and the next no matter what the labor or the initiation, [is never satisfied] but to press on and press on that these doors, now having been opened by the one, may be opened for the many that there will be a way out, a way out for all following after.

O when you are on the very verge of victory, the very brink of that joy of self-mastery, remember that unless you finish it, unless you fulfill it, the record will not be complete! And one following after will not know [in what direction] to face, will not know where to place his foot, for the footprint will be blurred, it will be indistinct. [And in that day you will see that] he can go no farther. The combination [lock] has not been opened before him. He must wait, wait again and again for the coming of the avatar or the Guru or the Mother.

See this, beloved. Understand yourself as the pathfinder and the wayshower. If there be glorying, then, glory in your God. If there be glorying, glory in your Christ. If there be love, let that love be for those who do the will of God. Was it not Christ’s teaching?

1. Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 37 No. 22 – Beloved Gautama Buddha – May 29, 1994. Read the entire dictation at: Master One Petal. The Freedom Conference 2015 will have Dr. Wayne Muller as a guest speaker. A few months after this Wesak dictation, Dr. Muller was one of the speakers at the 1994 freedom conference with his memorable address “The Legacy of the Heart,” (available on www.AscendedMasterLibrary.org

2. Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 33 No. 17 – Beloved Gautama Buddha – May 6, 1990. Read the entire dictation at: Wesak Address 1990

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