Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteer Opportunities!

Attending holiday events at the Royal Teton Ranch?

The folks at Volunteers in Action are planning for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and day, and for the New Year’s Class of the Solar Ring. We have decorating to do, baking and food prep, and unknown things to be done that are a surprise to us all.

“Working and serving together, we form a mandala of light through which the masters of the Great White Brotherhood will awaken humanity.”
– Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The dates we need volunteers for Thanksgiving are the 20, 21, and 22. For Christmas, we will need volunteer for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. For the New Years class, we will be starting our prep December 15th. The conference is when we really need all the help we can get in the kitchen (where all the yummy food is…).

Many hands make Light work, so come volunteer with us and we will have our victory together!

Contact us at VIAinfo@tsl.org

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