The Visitation of the Heart

The Visitation of the Heart

Excerpt from beloved Rose of Light, Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 24 No. 65

Therefore take heart, and realize the meaning of that word. Take the heart of your Mighty I AM Presence and Christ Self and of each one of us so dedicated and become that magnificent heart of Light!

Blessed ones, we advocate the fiery heart! We advocate fiery, burning hearts pressing out Love—Love that transmutes in the way all anti-Love. And surely there is no greater anti-Love than the misuse of the nucleus of the atom of Self, even of the Light of Alpha and Omega, for nuclear destruction. Surely there is no greater Love than the Holy Spirit itself come as the Destroyer to consume all unlike itself.

In the hands of God the sacred fire of the atom may lawfully destroy all that is not truly of Life, but in the hands of lesser individuals that destruction may very well be the destruction of souls and civilizations unlawfully and not in keeping with the will of God. Thus, let there be an intense fire pressing out by the petals of the heart that which would by malintent destroy the hearts of God’s people.

Protect the Fire of the Heart

At all costs, let us protect the fire of the heart, the threefold flame, the soul becoming one with that fire! This is the opportunity of Life granted unto life upon earth. Let us consume all Death! Let us consume War and the implements of War, not by the solutions of the intellect which have never worked and never will, but let us consume that, all of that, by the fire of the heart.

Measure for measure, I tell you, if there be the pressing out of the fire of love of your heart, heaven tells that there will also be a pressing in from heaven upon this planetary body of the Love of all of the members of the Great White Brotherhood, all of the angels of Light pressing in upon the earth, pressing out from heart centers and even the sun of even pressure.

There can be, then, a band of containment and God-control by the conscious cooperation of members ascended and unascended of the Great White Brotherhood and of elemental life which promises to be the agency of the Holy Spirit mediating the flow of Love twixt the Hierarchy ascended and the devotees unascended.

Let us establish the cult of the heart and the path of the Ruby Ray rose of Light. Let us do it in Saint Germain’s name! Let us do it for the anchoring of Shamballa once again!

I AM the Light of the Heart Mantra

I come, then, with the assurance of Saint Germain that all of the Great White Brotherhood will confirm and recite with you:

I AM the Light of the Heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury
Of the Mind of Christ.

Each and every Ascended Master and angel of Light promises that as you affirm that will to be Love in all of the manifestations of thy creation everywhere, past, present, and future, so there will be the multiplication of this mantra of Saint Germain:

I AM projecting my Love
Out into the world
To erase all errors and
To break down all barriers.

Blessed hearts, can you not hear the rustling of wings, the sounds of tender cherubic voices, majestic seraphim, Cosmic Beings, Elohim who have intoned this mantra of the heart of the God of Freedom to the earth for aeons? Can you not hear yourself a part of one grand company of hosts of Light declaring,

I AM the power of infinite Love,
Amplifying itself—

O the amplification of that infinite Love throughout all the world, worlds without end! O the amplification of that Love! Truly,

I AM the power of infinite Love,
Amplifying itself
Until it is victorious,
World without end …world without end!

And truly, as the sound of many voices, so will there be a resounding roar! This is a key, a dispensation come this very day from the heart of Saint Germain as a part of that dispensation received by him in the Central Sun, as he would also lay it at the feet of Gautama Buddha.

Therefore, for the implementation of Buddhic Love and Buddhic Light, the universality of Christus, we of the ascended hosts converge at the altar of your heart. And the fire burning there will increase if you will allow it, if you will not doubt it, if you will fear not to surrender unto the greater Love of thy life.

O blessed hearts, surrender into the arms of the Divine Mother and live at the point of Light of Buddhic adoration, Buddhic initiation, now and forever, spiral upon spiral of being, worlds without end.

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