The Responsibility of the Violet Transmuting Flame

The Responsibility of the Violet Transmuting Flame

This violet flame excerpt is from the January 15, 1967 dictation by the Elohim Arcturus published in the 1978 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 21 No. 27The Responsibility of the Violet Transmuting Flame: The Fiat and the Tree.

Contemplate well the violet transmuting flame in its great application of cosmic mercy. Recognize that simply because it works for you is not enough. It works for all who call upon it, but this is not enough. The violet transmuting flame and its use thereof entails an enormous responsibility on the part of the chela who seeks to manifest his own heavenly kingship. The chela must recognize that because the violet transmuting flame is a flame of mercy, it ought to stimulate within his consciousness a recognition of the quality of mercy to every part of life.

And therefore, hardness of heart toward other parts of life cannot be tolerated in those who use the violet transmuting flame. If it is there, you will find, precious ones, that sooner or later the violet transmuting flame will break in you that condition of hardness of heart which prevents you from feeling the flow of the mercy flame from God’s own heart. You cannot sustain within yourself two focuses—one a focus of transmutation and the other a focus of hardness. If you do, it will break you yourself and bring you down. Therefore recognize that you must use the violet transmuting flame for its God-appointed and God-intended purpose so that you may free yourself from all hardness and density, all recalcitrance and darkness, all shadow in your world, and understand the great compassion of life that would raise you up—buoyantly, joyously, fervently—and assist you to your ascension in the light.

I would like today to call to the attention of the students, one and all, the cosmic law involving the ascension that the students may understand that the ascension, while it is a gift of God, must be understood. And when the students call for their ascension, they must understand what they are calling for. And, if they understand what they are calling for, they will recognize the need to live as an ascended being would while here below, and they will not allow petty differences and petty jealousy and petty conditions to interfere with their own freedom in the light.

I tell you, precious ones, it is a travesty before God and nature that individuals who claim they are seeking the ascension and their freedom in the light will continue year after year to make the same mistakes and enter into the same spirit of error—calling forth the violet transmuting flame to free themselves from the feeling of error and the feeling of darkness and the feeling of shadow without understanding and comprehending that the violet transmuting flame is intended to give them their freedom from the condition itself as well as the feeling about the condition. If individuals will understand this, they will understand the correct use of the flame; and, as they understand the correct use of the flame, they will find that it will produce in a more efficacious manner the freedom for which they seek.

This dictation by Arcturus was dictated to the Messenger Mark L. Prophet at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral on January 15, 1967, included in The Seven Elohim in the Power of the Spoken Word. Elohim Arcturus’ dictation is available as an audio CD or download from Login to the site, click the “Advanced Search” button at the bottom, enter “Arcturus” as the ascended master and set the date range for 1/1/1967 to 1/31/1967.

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