Violet Flame Visualization from Saint Germain

Violet Flame Visualization from Saint Germain

This violet flame visualization is from Saint Germain's 1960 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 3 No. 10.

My precious students, chelas and friends, if you will try to realize right now how more than willing I am to draw you very close into my own heart, it will assist you ever so much in the performance of this simple instruction I am giving you herewith.

First, make the calls for your Tube of Light and violet transmuting flame, and then visualize a violet tunnel whose walls of violet flame extend before you as though you were looking at railroad tracks into infinity. Then while holding this picture call to your own beloved I AM Presence first and then unto me. While your attention is fixed upon me, call and expect to receive my answer.

I can assure you that I shall do my part to bring each one so doing faithfully for a few minutes each day, at least three times a day at about the same time, an immeasurable blessing from our octave and from my own cosmic hand in the name and by the power of God, your own blessed individualized I AM Presence anchored right within your heart and yet dwelling radiantly above you awaiting your ascension into God’s heart!

This “Tunnel of Light and Love” which you envision should extend from your physical forehead with a slight upward elevation and should penetrate through all human consciousness and discordant conditions, giving you easy access into the realms of light wherein we abide, and thus truly reach our octave of eternal light! Keep it simple and uncomplicated by human concepts but just receive our love and assistance without limit as you open your consciousness to the unfailing light of God.

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