Violet Flame for Spiritual Alchemy

Violet Flame for Spiritual Alchemy

Violet Flame For Healing

Violet flame is one of mankind's greatest dispensations. For healing, for transmutation of negative records and karma, and for spiritual alchemy and self-transformation, it knows no peer.

As we all know, if we take a prism and hold it up to the sun, directing the refracted light upon a screen, we see the breakdown of the white light into the primary and secondary colors appearing as a vibrant rainbow playing upon the screen.

Sometimes the play of sunshine through a crystal chandelier or a gemstone will cover a wall with myriad dancing threefold flames of ardent primary fire. Or the ruby, gold, apricot, and deep sapphire blues will suddenly bring to focus the amethyst, emerald, aquamarine, and purple—depending on the cut of the crystal.

Now, as you know, the highest color that can be seen in any rainbow display is the violet.  And if you've ever studied the gorgeous double rainbows that have appeared over our retreat and in the Rocky Mountains, you've noted that the violet seems to trail off into infinity as though there were more to the rainbow than meets the physical-eye spectrum.  And this is in fact so.

The violet disappears into a higher frequency violet ray akin to the light of the seventh ray and dispensation, the wavelength of Aquarius. And that power, mathematically speaking, is comparable to the number nine, the highest numerical aspect, having almost infinite transformations with its magical formulas, as mathematicians and numerologists know.

So we begin to take note of what the ancient alchemists understood as the power of the Three—and the Three-times-Three—the Trinity of spirit, body and soul in the microcosm of man corresponding to, and being multiplied by, the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the Macrocosm of God.

Saint Germain on Early Alchemists

Alchemist from Saint Germain on AlchemyAccording to Saint Germain, the early alchemists who were initiates of the Great White Brotherhood through guilds, secret societies and mystery schools knew that they were dealing with the power of the Trinity times the Trinity, as Above so below, symbolized in the six-pointed star of David.

In their experiments they sought to imitate the works of Christ, their guiding light being the mystic mason himself, Saint Germain, who for tens of thousands of years, and more recently in a series of embodiments from the Prophet Samuel to Francis Bacon, has been the all-pervasive mind, laying the empirical foundation for the Enlightenment, pushing back the barriers of limitation in the physical and spiritual sciences.

Well before he as the Wonderman of Europe outpictured the quintessence of the alchemists' dream for all to see, Saint Germain was directing and inspiring devotees of the sacred science in his life as Roger Bacon—medieval philosopher, educational reformer and harbinger of modern science.  Renowned for his investigations into alchemy, optics, mathematics and languages, he earned the title Doctor Mirabalis (“wonderful teacher”) and a reputation as a wonder worker.

The miracles of Jesus and the feats of Saint Germain (who also had close ties to the sixteenth-century Swiss alchemist Paracelsus) represented to these alchemists a standard of spiritual and scientific adeptship which they felt called to emulate.  As forerunners of Francis Bacon's seventh-ray science, they communed with elemental life and took their first steps in alchemy through concentrating on the mastery of earth, water, air, fire and ether by the threefold flame of the heart.

These practitioners of the ‘All-Chemistry' of God were indeed ‘wholistic' in their approach as they meditated on the principles of cosmic law as well as the mysteries behind such demonstrations as turning the water into wine, multiplying the loaves and fishes, healing body and mind, raising the dead, techniques of regeneration (by herbal formulas and other means), perfecting the elixir of life, changing base metals into gold, or simply repairing the flaws in gemstones.

For them alchemy was a means to an end—the spiritualization of Matter, whose accomplishment would signify that, as Above so below, they had entered the mind of the Great Alchemist who had created both the physical and spiritual universes.

Their successes were far greater than the moderns credit them with, but their goal was beyond the reach of today's avant-garde in the academies of science.  They sought nothing less than the self-realization of the inner man of the heart and the perfecting of the physical matrix according to the Divine Image.  Their desire was to achieve immortality in the footsteps of Christ through the control of physical and spiritual forces.

They were the keepers of the flame of the science of the spoken Word and the religion of the sacred fire which had been practiced on Lemuria and Atlantis prior to their decline and in previous golden ages when the life and evolutions of planet earth were less physical.  Their vision was one of the union of science and religion.

Following the example of the master alchemists Jesus Christ and Saint Germain, they actually exceeded in some areas the most advanced accomplishments of twentieth-century science.  And when they shall have synthesized its developments with their own inner attainment, these very lifestreams, reincarnated, shall be the ones to bring forth from the Cave of Symbols, Saint Germain's etheric/physical retreat in Wyoming, those inventions and discoveries presently being guarded for the future benefit of mankind.

This technology of the Aquarian age Saint Germain has said he would release when the nations shall have put behind them the destructive uses of science and religion to accept the challenge which lies at the heart of both—to enter the secret chamber of the heart and the nucleus of the atom and to harness therefrom the unlimited spiritual/physical resources to establish the golden age.

Excerpted from The Violet Flame for God-Realization in Lost Teachings on Finding God Within from the series The Lost Teachings of Jesus.  Hear Mark Prophet deliver this audio lecture on the MP3 CD Discourses on Cosmic Law #2.

How to Use the Violet Flame with Decrees

The violet flame revitalizes and invigorates us. The violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy.  Learn more about the violet flame.

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires.

is a powerful mantra. It is short and by repeating it many times with focused intent you can build a strong momentum of violet flame. Experiment with this violet flame decree, I AM The Violet Flame.

Violet Flame Meditation

Our meditation and exercises are powerful tools that anyone can use. We invite you to experiment with these techniques and see for yourself that you can make a difference in your life and in the world.

Use the spiritual light of the violet flame to improve your relationships, promote healing, extend forgiveness, clean up the environment…and more. Try violet flame meditation at our violet flame site.

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