Violet Flame – Transmute Radioactivity

Violet Flame – Transmute Radioactivity

Transmute Radioactivity by the Violet Flame

Your Real Self, the I AM PresenceIn this Chart of Your Divine Self, you are the lower figure standing in the violet flame.

This represents what you look like when you  decide to invoke Mercy's flame—violet, purple, pink, all the qualities of Mercy not strained, flowing from you.

When you say the violet flame out loud, wings of the Holy Spirit carries spheres of Mercy's flame to act upon whatever situation you have dedicated it to.

You can send the violet flame to those that you have ever had a difficulty with, an altercation, something unsettled. You can send it to everyone who is burdened, sick, and in pain.  Send them intense love and mercy when you give decrees to the violet flame.

Each violet flame sphere, as a thoughtform in your heart, produces billions of manifestations. When you have the pattern, there is no limit.  As long as you have the pattern, the love and the desire, if you are not an adept, Christ in you (the middle figure in the Chart of Your Real Self) will send forth those spheres because you have said it as a prayer.

Violet Flame for Radioactivity

Elizabeth Clare Prophet talked in 1986 about using the violet flame for radioactivity.

“So we send these violet-flame spheres to the whole world, and what for? Alchemy.

Transmute that radioactivity that is falling upon us. Consume it. We don't need to wait 200,000 years for the half-life of plutonium or this or that. We can call to the alchemy of God to consume it and take it from the planet. This is the power of the Holy Spirit and the reason for alchemy.

So this is the very simple mantra we give for forgiveness. I will say a prayer that I hope will be meaningful in your own heart. And as I pray before this, won't you also say your own prayer.

Dear God, we call to you in this hour in the name of Christ. Come unto us in the deep desiring of our hearts to send forgiveness to all we have ever wronged, all who have ever wronged us in this and every previous lifetime back to our first descent into Matter. Send forgiveness to the nations.

Send forgiveness to the elements, to fire, air, water, and earth, and to the precious beings of nature who bear the burden this day of this nuclear fallout—blessed beings, the fiery salamanders, undines, gnomes, and sylphs. Now let them be set free by the violet flame, that they might once again minister to us.

O God, receive our call and drench the earth this night with oceans of violet flame of Mercy's forgiveness.

We are reminded, O God, to also forgive ourselves. As Christ in us does forgive us, therefore, O God, we do confess our sins to that high priest of our own temple, the beloved Holy Christ Self. And in the name of Jesus, we accept thy forgiveness now.”

This is the violet flame decree that Elizabeth Clare Prophet gave:

I AM Forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.
I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace. (given 3x)

Give this violet flame forgiveness decree with Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet said, “There is great joy in giving this prayer when you understand that the Law of God is irrevocable. When you send forth the light of your I AM Presence to the world, qualifying it by the spoken Word, it does manifest. The motto is, ‘The call compels the answer.'”

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