Join the Violet Flame Revolution!

Join the Violet Flame Revolution!

Join thousands of others who’ve already made the violet flame part of their everyday lives. These spiritual warriors are working daily to raise the consciousness, vibration and Light for our dear Mother Earth and all of God’s children.

Catch the Flame!

What are you doing for the rest of your life?  How about working for the Light, defending Life and helping to save the planet?

Sound good?  If so, here’s what you can do right now:  start using the violet flame every day!

When you join these stalwart souls, you’ll be doing good, you’ll feel good, and if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also balance some karma and help secure your immortality.  How’s that?

And it only takes a few minutes of violet flame daily to begin feeling a remarkable difference within…and without!  Every day, in countries all around the world, the violet flame revolution is growing…and it works with ALL spiritual paths!


World map of the Violet Flame Vigil

Join the Violet Flame Revolution! (And Change the World)

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Length: 57 minutes


The Open Door Radio Show
The Ascended Masters Online Radio of The Summit Lighthouse

Ascended masters online radio of the Summit Lighthouse presents the teachings of the ascended masters. We offer an opportunity for spiritual seekers everywhere to come up higher and embrace a journey of soul liberation.

The goal? To graduate from Earth’s schoolroom and ultimately return home to the heart of God in the ritual of the ascension.

The podcasts are archived for future listening and available as an MP3 download at the VoiceAmerica™ website. Or get them at iTunes or via RSS.

These podcasts on the teachings of the ascended masters are 6o minutes each. Ascended Master Online Radio from The Summit Lighthouse.

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Tuesdays at noon and midnight (MST) on The Open Door Radio Show at the VoiceAmerica™ website.

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