Violet Flame Secrets in the Bible

Violet Flame Secrets in the Bible

What Is the Violet Flame?

The violet flame is the seventh-ray aspect of the fire of the I AM THAT I AM witnessed by Moses.

John, the messenger of Jesus, saw the violet light, he declared the violet light, and he walked in the violet light. He knew the violet light to be the essence of the Body and Blood of Christ. And he knew the violet flame as that all-consuming fire that transmutes the cause and core of sin and the karma that is the record of and the penalty for that sin.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet saw in the akashic record Jesus using the violet flame in his healings and miracles and initiating his closest disciple, John, in its use.

The saints robed in white who gather before the Lamb and the throne of God also testify that they have washed their robes in the violet flame.

And every lifestream who has returned to the Source has engaged in the seventh-ray ablution—the ritual of bathing body and soul, mind and heart in the violet flame. They have washed and scrubbed, washed and scrubbed their four lower bodies, singing with the violet singing flame all the way Home!

The violet flame is the gift of the Holy Spirit that comes to us under the sponsorship of Saint Germain.  As Lord of the Seventh Ray and Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius, Saint Germain reintroduced the violet flame in the twentieth century.

Not since the early days of Atlantis when its golden-age civilization was at its height have mankind had access to the alchemy of the violet flame. It was withdrawn when the priesthood and the public alike began the misuse and the disuse of the Unfed Flame on the Temple altar, compromising its seventh-ray aspect, the violet flame, as well.

With the sinking of Atlantis, the mystery schools and retreats of the adepts were removed to the Himalayas or transferred to the etheric octave.  Thereafter the knowledge of the violet flame—how to invoke it, how to apply it in the alchemy of the seventh ray—was handed down from master to disciple until Saint Germain released it to the world 60 years ago.

And today the Master's students on every continent give gratitude to God for the joie de vivre and the positive spin they get each time they give a violet flame decree.

Watch the videos below and experience giving a violet flame decree with Elizabeth Clare Prophet using animated violet flame visualizations.

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