Healing with the Violet Flame – Violet Flame Mantras

Healing with the Violet Flame – Violet Flame Mantras

Effective Spiritual Healing Mantras With the Violet Flame

The quickest way to flush out the cause and core of disease is to apply the unguent of the transforming light of the Holy Spirit. The violet flame is the instrument of the fiery baptism of that very personal and very present Spirit.

The violet fire is the flow of God's unfailing mercy and forgiveness. It is the “refiner's fire” for the purging of the sons of God prophesied by Malachi.

When you invoke the violet flame with joy and full faith in God's promise–”I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more”–you can feel the pulsating alchemical action of the Lord's “universal solvent” dissolving the cause and the effect, the record and the cell memory of all physical imperfections and impurities outcropping from the conscious and subconscious planes of your being.

Violet Fire healing the heart thoughtformYour call to the violet flame, confidently and lovingly given aloud, is the exercise of the science of the spoken Word. The Call, by your free will, sets in motion the flow of the violet fire that transmutes the underlying emotional and mental conditions that are causative in all disease.

But you must also willingly submit to the flame such manifestations as anger and aggravation, hatred and even mild dislike toward any part of life or person–even subtle resentment held in your heart against yourself or members of your family.

The healing of all hardness of heart–which must go before physical healing and wholeness can take place–requires the unconditional surrender of your soul to your beloved Christ Self. Stubborn will and human pride must go into the flame!

For the expansion of your heart's physical and spiritual capacity, give your violet fire heart mantra many times over with your strongest and most concentrated visualization–for and by the love of Jesus Christ. Practice makes perfect.

Remember, all layers of your consciousness are affected by the pure flow of light directly from the heart of your Christ Self to and through your physical heart. Persistence is needed to penetrate age-old habits of human discord resulting in “men's hearts failing them for fear.”

Healing is a letting-go process. Do it every day as you bid the Lord welcome into your heart. Express the sunshine of self-givingness to someone who needs your love every day.

Mantras for Healing

As you flush out the old toxins of ingratitude toward life and rebellion against the wonderful law of universal harmony, let your heart burst forth in these cadences of joyous communion:

O mighty Presence of God “I AM” in and behind the Sun:
I welcome thy light, which floods all the earth–
Into my life, into my mind,
into my spirit, into my soul!
Radiate and blaze forth thy light!
Break the bonds of darkness and superstition!
Charge me with the great clearness of thy white-fire radiance!
I am thy child, and each day I shall become more of thy manifestation!

Now Be Still and Know that the “I AM” Presence who is God within you (the Immanuel-God with us) is victorious over every outer condition. Accept it done in the full power of the Godhead and reaffirm it each time the slightest fear or doubt assails your soul:

“I AM” the violet-flame miracle healing of my heart every hour of every day now made manifest!
And I praise the Lord of Life for my perfect healing now made manifest!

Visualize the violet flame of freedom and forgiveness transmuting all impurities in your heart: physical, mental, emotional, and etheric.

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