Master Saint Germain and a Violet Flame Vigil to Save the World!

Master Saint Germain and a Violet Flame Vigil to Save the World!

Over 1700 People in 73 Countries Giving Violet Flame Decrees

Join the worldwide novena to save the world with Saint Germain and his violet flame!

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“You live in a moment, and it is a moment of cosmic history, when by the application of the violet flame decrees you can eliminate much karma and there fore much misery in the future…Many have studied in the violet flame temples of Atlantis. Many knew the efficacy of this flame for the physical healing of the body and for the changing of world conditions. Now you are restored to that place where you can rise even higher in your application of the violet flame.” Ascended Master Saint Germain, published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 34 no. 26.

Argentina Aruba Australia Austria Belgium
Belize Bolivia Brazil Bulgaria Cameroon
Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica
Croatia Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic
Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Finland
France Germany Ghana Great Britain Greece
Guam Guatemala Honduras India Ireland
Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Malaysia
Mauritius Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua
Nigeria Norway Panama Peru Philippines
Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Russia Scotland
Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain
Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Togo
Tonga Trinidad Ukraine United Arab Emirates United States
Uruguay Venezuela Wales . .

Save the World with Violet Flame!

Our offering to the ascended masters is a twenty-four-hour-a-day violet flame vigil through December 31st!

Our goal is noble: to work together to transmute the karmic cycles unfolding.

What is a Violet Flame Decree? – A Formula that Unlocks Light

Elizabeth Clare Prophet said,

“The best way for you to understand what the violet flame is is to see for yourself what it does!

Therefore I would like to invite you to give a violet flame decree. This dynamic decree is our invocation to God and to Arcturus and Victoria, who are God’s manifestation as Elohim on the seventh ray.”

Listen and recite with Elizabeth Clare Prophet the violet flame decree “Arcturus, Blessed Being Bright

Signing up is simple!

Earth Violet Flame copyright TSL.orgJust go to the Violet Flame Vigil at

Click on Sign up Now! and follow the instructions. The minimum commitment is thirty minutes of violet flame at a certain time on a particular day. However, many participants are taking one or two time slots for a series of days or all week.

Please join us for this stupendous opportunity—as Saint Germain has promised—to “forestall cataclysm but also accelerate world enlightenment” by the diligent application of the violet flame (Saint Germain, March 2, 1996).

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