Violet Flame Challenge Update

Violet Flame Challenge Update

Over 1850 People in 82 Countries
Have Joined the Violet Flame Challenge

Violet flame and the seven continents

Knowing about the violet flame and feeling the energy of the violet flame are two different things. With the Violet Flame Challenge you build a daily experience with the violet flame:

  • Start with downloading your free ebook, then
  • Receive a daily email for 30 days with inspiring quotes from the masters and archangels of the seventh ray!
  • After one month you will see what transformative changes have happened in your life!

Feedback from Challenge Participants

“It has been a week of intense transformation and shift here and I have been violet flaming my little heart out. Whenever I do, I am conscious of this beautiful violet flame surrounding our planet.” – Winona, WI

“I felt so much love and care for my soul while receiving the Violet Flame Challenge emails with the Teachings!” – Bozeman, MT

“Thank you so much for the 30 days of violet flame teachings and the ebook! Now, on to the vigil!” – Chicago, IL

“First day. Feeling wonderful!
I have had success with the VF in the past but have been away from it for some time. Thank you offering this gentle 30 day challenge. Just the day before I had asked a friend to email me the words ‘Violet Flame' frequently to help me gain momentum this time. And then I discover this opportunity! I am so blessed! A glorious day to you!” – Limoges, Ontario, Canada

“It was an inspiring experience. I did the challenge religiously. It's worth it. I am happy I did it and will continue every day. I want my life to experience it fully. Thank again very much.” – DeLand, FL

” I love the daily Teachings; it brings me right back to the rebuilding of the Pyramid! Thank you again…” – Kenmore, NY

Signing up is simple!

Sign up at the Violet FLame website and recieve your free ebook:

“You are the pyramid builders. You have built the cathedrals of the Middle Ages. You have built the stupas of the Buddhas. You are the builders, beloved, and you build again. This time the prize is all. And the failure, if ever there be a failure, would be total. Failure is not a choice. Victory is a present reality and possibility.

“Let yourselves become concentrated now in the heart fire. And feel, as I, Saint Germain, place my purple fiery heart over your own physical heart and spiritual/etheric chakra, feel the violet flame burn and intensify. Invoke the violet flame until you feel it burn. Let this heart become the alchemist’s cauldron where all things may come to resolution in this window of opportunity.

“And now, in the name of the Lord’s day I affirm: I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the Seventh Age and Dispensation of Aquarius! And through the devotees of the violet flame we shall see what the Lord Gautama Buddha and Kuan Yin and all adepts of the Seventh Ray shall be able to precipitate in the earth.” – Saint Germain, April 14, 1990

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