Violet Flame Amethyst Chamber Visualization

Violet Flame Amethyst Chamber Visualization

Violet Flame Chamber in the Grand Tetons Visualization

This is an excerpt from the New Year's 1988 dictation by Gautama Buddha published in Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 31 No. 2:

Peace, beloved. Peace, beloved. As these are trying times for chelas, these are also trying times for the one who wears our mantle, who must feel perpetually the agitation, the sorrow and the abject evil in form on planet earth and even imported from other systems.

In this moment and hour of transition when you are impelled and magnetized by the central sun of Helios and Vesta, know, then, that the supreme acceleration which we would bear to your beings is an absolute necessity for survival. As time narrows to become infinity, so options also narrow, and one realizes that at the point of destiny in the nexus where time and space meet eternity and are neutralized by it, only the single choice is acceptable. There are no longer five hundred options or two hundred or three or four. One right word is acceptable, one right act, one right choice: to be all Light, to pour in the cups many, waiting to be filled, all Light.

In the time of greatest darkness of war and turbulence, those who gather in our mountain must also know that the pause to ascend by the Seventh Ray is the key to being in an octave and a vibration of safety. Thus, contemplate the Grand Teton, for we go there, this entire company, in an exercise–an exercise of soul flight swift to the heart of the mountain in time of necessity or danger.

Let the mind become an arrow! Let the arrow be in the hand of the Archer, thy Christ. Let the bow be pulled.

Blessed hearts, see how, suddenly, the arrow of self now working in the field where one is taken and another is left <5> does fly straight to the heart of the etheric octave from the physical crystal sphere to the etheric [sphere] through the single opening, the only open door, the nexus where “thy heart/my Heart one” provides the tunnel of Light.

The arrow does fly and you are in an instant in a violet flame chamber hitherto undescribed, for there are many chambers in the mountain whose existence has not been chronicled or revealed.

Visualize, then, the vast violet flame chamber, sufficient to contain all Keepers of the Flame of the earth and many more, a vast chamber of amethyst and quartz crystal, stalactites, stalagmites. Thus, one senses descending from above, rising from beneath pillars of violet flame crystallized in the rock as so many ancient teeth of ancient dragon of Eastern wisdom.

earth in violet flameUnderstand that violet flame, violet ray is the frequency of the true and perfect vibration of planet earth. Is, then, the violet planet the etheric sphere of this physical earth? Contemplate the mystery and determine to be at the nexus of the etheric sphere of planet earth. Then understand the beloved Presence, the devoted Presence of Omri-Tas and priests of the sacred fire of the violet planet who serve with the elemental beings and angels in a planetary abode which, being etheric, is, as it were, in its own counterpart of a quasi-physical manifestation, though not physical as you understand it. This, then, is a journey in transitions.

As you are able to still yourselves of the night of New Year’s Eve, will you not be reminded by my image or statue that the contemplation of the One and the meditation of the arrow’s flight–the repeating of the visualization of the arrow’s flight instantaneous to the violet flame chamber–is, as it were, a physical exercise. The mind becomes agile, the soul follows, embraced and braced by the desire body desiring a haven of safety and surcease from world pain, desiring to have such a cave of light of violet flame crystal.

Where there is the desiring, beloved, is there not the counterpart reality? Can you desire anything [of God-Good] that does not already exist in the heart of God and in the heart of the mountain?

Blessed ones, it is a pity but understandable that only in time of greatest planetary distress do the many realize the increase of desire for spiritual attainment, co-measurement and a fully conscious existence in the etheric octave. Be it so, we understand. Where there is the breaking up of the crystallization of darkness, so worlds of manifestation are rearranged and some are shattered.

Thus, to fly to the heart of the mountain, to be able to come and go at will, is this not your desiring?

To read the entire Pearl A Tapestry of the Great Buddha Sanat Kumara for Gautama's complete teaching, please go to: Vol. 31 No. 2 – Beloved Gautama Buddha – January 10, 1988.

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