Violet Flame: Discover the Alchemy

Violet Flame: Discover the Alchemy

Saint Germain's Violet Flame is a Physical Flame

The ascended master Saint Germain teaches that the violet flame is a physical flame and thus can be the antidote for physical problems.* You can use the violet flame for personal and world transmutation and for fulfillment of your destiny.

Saint Germain on the Violet Flame

“The violet flame is a physical flame! And what do I mean when I say this? I say the violet flame is closest in vibratory action of all of the rays to this earth substance, to these chemical elements and compounds, to all that you see in matter.

“And therefore, the violet flame can combine with any molecule or molecular structure, any particle of matter known or unknown, and any wave of light, electrons or electricity.

“Thus, the violet flame is the supreme antidote for food poisoning, chemical waste, toxins, or drug pollution in the body.

“The violet flame is an elixir that you drink and imbibe like water, like the purest juice of the fruit of the harvest of the elementals' consciousness.

“The violet flame is the supreme antidote for physical problems.  Wherever chelas gather to give the violet flame decrees, there you notice immediately an improvement in physical conditions!…

“Whether we are dealing with organic or inorganic matter, there is a disintegration spiral that works in the buildings, in the land, in the sea and in the physical bodies of mankind that can best be counteracted by the violet flame.

“The violet flame turns around the spin of electron and atom.  It turns around the downward spiral of the chakras and the energy.  It is forever the power of conversion—and conversion means “to turn around”!

“The violet flame is the buoyant joy of the Holy Ghost that turns around spirits and minds and souls and emotions!”

If you're ready to heal yourself and planet earth, now is the time to get to know the ascended master Saint Germain.  He is ready, willing and able to be your private tutor in the effective and speedy balancing of your karma.  He has even prepared a personal course of instruction for each soul.  He said,

“I have prepared in my lessons and in all of my dictations, a course of instruction whereby the individual may make the most progress and thereby be ready for any change, major or minor, conditioned by his own karma written in his own astrology.

“Blessed ones, I define progress as the balancing of karma. Karma, then, is the weight that prevents the soul from flying. Therefore, emptying the ship of its cargo or a balloon of its ballast, this is my goal—thus my gift of the violet flame…

“The less karma you have, the greater your opportunity day by day. This affects all choices. It affects contracts—business, marriage and otherwise those who are drawn to your life and those who cannot be, the children you may give birth to.

“Every day as percentages of karma pass through the sacred fire and that transmutation is ratified by good deeds, words and works of love and service, you are lightening the load and therefore rising and therefore, beloved, coming into new planes of realization, new associations.”

Beloved Saint Germain, Pearls of Wisdom®, vol 27 no 61, December 23, 1984.

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