Violet Fire and the Memory of God

Violet Fire and the Memory of God

This violet fire post is an excerpt from the Corona Class Lesson 23 by Kuthumi originally published in the 1961 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 4 No. 50.

Therefore, it must be pointed out that the memory of man is at present not the memory of God, for the old patterns and records of sin occupy its compartments. It must likewise be recognized that the memory of man can become the complete memory of God, the repository of the original soul blueprint; and in this possibility is the hope of salvation in the Light, the Christ who lighteth (illumines by his Mind) every man who comes into the world. Those who willingly open the door to this Mind/memory bank, containing the original patterns of things perfect in the heavens of one’s Higher Consciousness, admit the inflow of every good and perfect influence of the Holy Spirit.

The soul (sole) requirement of every hour is complete release from the sin of harmful manifestations and the acceptance by each lifestream of the directing Christ-intelligence of his own Mighty I AM Presence. The merciful violet fire of freedom’s love is the means whereby this may be accomplished permanently—unless the individual chooses by his own free will to re-create those very conditions which he has already eliminated.

Beloved Jesus warned of this probability when he said, “Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.” Thus, “Stop sinning!” is the surest command of the Christ Self for the breaking of the self-perpetuating formulas of thy sinfulness.

Our students who are so accustomed to the ready unguent of the violet fire to soothe life’s hurts ought to remember that the majority of mankind have never even heard of the violet fire. Although the knowledge of the violet fire and its application are presently limited to the few, its service on behalf of earth's evolutions remains the active principle of the mercy of God. However, the uses of the violet fire are not entirely understood by many who do use it.

The Violet Fire Is the Divine Memory of God

Of note to all users and potential users is the statement made a number of years ago by the beloved Elohim Arcturus, who declared the violet fire to be the divine memory of God:

Let me tell you that one of the greatest services of the violet transmuting flame lies in the truth that the sacred memory of God’s perfection is held within this violet fire! When permitted so to do, this violet flame simply raises the vibrations of all it contacts until divine order is brought into manifestation through its merciful, forgiving and transmuting power of Divine Love.

This violet fire is itself the memory of the perfection of what should be—in everyone, everything, every place and in every instance. Wherever and whenever this violet fire is called forth, it always leaves a residue of its substance, nature and feeling in every person, place, condition or thing it purifies.<1>

Thus, you can begin to understand that by its inherent quality of divine mercy, the violet fire automatically transmutes, or changes, all else into the harmony of the Mind and Will of God.

1. Arcturus, January 1959, “Violet Fire—The Divine Memory of Perfection,” The Lighthouse of Freedom, vol. 1, no. 3 (February 1959), pp. 12-13.

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