Saint Germain – Sponsor of the Aquarian Age

Excerpt from I Believe in the United States of America by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Samuel, Columbus, Shakespeare, Bacon—enter Saint Germain, sponsor of the United States of America.

He is the “seventh angel” prophesied in Revelation who comes to finish the mysteries of God. It's interesting that they're called mysteries. He's finishing those mysteries, he writes them in code, then he deciphers the code. He's the supreme interpreter of the code of Christ.

He interprets the Piscean age, restores to us the understanding not only of the message of the indwelling Saviour, but also of the nation-state, the state of Israel, the community of the Holy Spirit.

Saint Germain is the figure, the key cipher in the alchemy of the twentieth century. He comes today as the master of the seventh ray and the Aquarian, or seventh, age.

In his many incarnations upon earth, we have seen Saint Germain working out the equation of his personal Christhood on the seventh ray, just as the Piscean master Jesus manifested the fullness of his Christhood on the sixth ray in the sixth dispensation.

The ascended masters Jesus and Saint Germain, as the Son and the Father, passing the torch of the Christ consciousness and the I AM THAT I AM for the Piscean and Aquarian dispensations, stand in the long history of the earth and her evolutions as the great deliverers of nations and peoples by the sacred fire of freedom and the salvation of the soul through the path of the ascension.

Because of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain, I believe in the United States of America.

How are you working out the equation of your Christhood, so well defined alchemically, geometrically by Jesus Christ and Saint Germain on the sixth and seventh rays?

How do you fit into the United States of America?

What is the descent of the light of Christ of your tribe?

What is its karma and dharma?

Why do you believe in the United States of America?

These are questions you must answer for yourself, your children, your friends, and for the future of our very nation itself.

We know that the majority of the people do not understand the history of our inheritance of the covenants of God. The people do not understand the American's Creed incorporating these very covenants made with Abraham and his descendants.

But our Founding Fathers did understand themselves as the inheritors, not only of the covenant but of the science of the spoken Word. They knew the mystery of the Word as the Person indwelling in them and as the Principle by which the sacred fire of the I AM THAT I AM was released to give them their victory.

They recited psalms and praises unto the Lord hour after hour on Sunday mornings in church. They understood the prophecy of Joel, that it would come to pass that whosoever should call upon the name of the Lord should be delivered: “for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.” This is the mount Zion and the Jerusalem. They believed the Word and they let the Word flow through them.

When you go to Williamsburg and you take a tour of the church that is there, the guide will tell you how they spent hours and hours in church every Sunday, reciting the psalms in unison. They were giving their decrees, dynamic decrees, and that's how the thirteen states were founded—by that same sacred fire. And you can feel it crackling in that church; you can feel the purity in that community.

This nation “Israel, the I AM race as the United States of America,” cannot work unless the members of the community have at least the goal of Christhood and unless their leaders have the attainment of the Christ consciousness.

We have had very few real leaders in our history. At the outset, when the nation's population was about 3 million, we had Washington, Franklin, Adams, Hamilton, and a handful of others.

Today there are 240+ million and a community of lightbearers. The attainment of the Christ consciousness is paramount. “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”

We believe in the United States of America because here is a community of individuals who made the decision to accept their patriotic creed, to accept the covenant of Almighty God, and make a go of it. It's called the American's Creed, not America's Creed.

And that's the sign of America: it foretells the coming of the age of individualism. It's the creed of every individual, one by one by one, incarnating the Christ. Every individual unit of our society is the individual under the I AM Presence.

This video is an excerpt of the 2-DVD set, I Believe in the United States of America by Elizabeth Clare Prophet2 hours 52 minutes, $19.95, #DVG10009.

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