Lost Years of Jesus – ISSA – The Greatest Story Never Told

Is the greatest story ever told . . . the complete story?

Follow the lost years of Jesus in

ISSA, The Greatest Story Never Told

Follow the lost years of Jesus as he journeys across Asia  between adolescence and the age of 33 in preparation for his world-changing ministry.

Issa: a story of Jesus' youth. Thousands of miles from Bethlehem, two powerful and enigmatic forces are about to converge. The Kushans, a lost central Asian civilization with a secret order bearing the signet and possessing the power of the ancient masters of wisdom. Jesus, the teenager who leaves family and home for India, and becomes the Savior of the World. Does the story of a possible intersection between the lost kingdom of the Kushans and the lost years of Jesus transcend the unveiled mysteries of the DaVinci Code?

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