Life Begets Life – The Continuity of the Soul Part 7

Life Begets Life – Continuity of the Soul Part 7

By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

As you value your life, won't you and the one whose love you shared in this conception dare to know the awesomeness of the life of the soul aborning within you—this wonder of creation who is now flesh of your flesh and bone of your bones? Will you not spare the life that is yours in your child? And thereby preserve yourself and your posterity for a golden age to be?

This YouTube video “Life Begets Life – Part 7,” is a preview of the DVD* “Life Begets Life – The Continuity of the Soul album 2,” a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 2 hours.  Available exclusively here.

Life Begets Life 2 The Continuity of the Soul

DVD “Life Begets Life – The Continuity of the Soul album 2“

“When we abort life in the womb we are aborting the opportunity of a soul whose timetable has come to be on earth at that precise astrological moment. The timetables of the conception and birth of every child are directed by Almighty God, by the archangels and cosmic beings of light and the specific ascended masters who are the sponsors of that soul, the Godparents, if you will. These timetables are part of God's grand design of life.”—Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 30, 1991

Learn about:

• Erroneous beliefs regarding abortion
• The abortion of the divine plan of a soul
• The worthiness of life, regardless of how challenging it might be
• Glimpses into the spiritual life of the unborn and the continuity of the soul
• The abortion of millions of American children since 1973 and the compromise of Earth’s divine plan
• And much more

1 DVD, #DV11005, 2 hours 9 minutes. Recommended for Keepers of the Flame®

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