Life Begets Life – The Continuity of the Soul Part 5

Life Begets Life – Continuity of the Soul Part 5

By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Here is the transcript of this YouTube video “Life Begets Life – Part 5,”. It is a preview of the DVD Life Begets Life – The Continuity of the Soul album 2, a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 2 hours.

Since the 1973 United States Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Wade legalizing abortion, over 25 million children have been aborted in the United States. These “missing persons” will not take their place as adults in the world scheme in the final decade of the twentieth century—nor will those who might have been their offspring.

The absence of these lifestreams in embodiment in this hour has compromised the divine plan for earth. The consequences for all of us are serious.

Twenty-five million individuals did not contribute what God intended them to contribute to life on earth in the decades of the seventies and the eighties. They did not grow up and marry and give life to other souls who were intended to learn from them, to be sponsored by them as their parents and teachers.

Do you think that God only thinks of you when you are born? He is already thinking whose great-great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather you're going to be when you are yet in the womb.

The plan of the Mind of God is vast, a cosmic computer that none of us can even begin to comprehend.

By playing God in aborting life, we are interfering with our evolutionary chain of life begetting life—life depending on life, helpless life depending upon those who are the strong.

And with all the talk about the ecology of the planet, we should be concerned about the ecology of souls on the planet!

There is a chemistry of certain souls who are meant to live together, evolve together and experience life together. And they have a collective unconscious and they respond together to the advancements of their time.

Furthermore, the whole human race has a gene pool. And those genes are carefully calculated by God to be available for the incarnation of specific souls who have a specific mission, special souls like you and me and all who inhabit planet earth today. All of us are special in the eyes of our Father-Mother God.

What some call the population explosion of the twentieth century was ordained by God and sponsored by our teachers of the Aquarian age, Saint Germain and his twin flame Portia, for karmic reasons.

Billions of souls need to be in embodiment together as we move from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age. For we are reaping karma not only of the Piscean age but also of 25,800 years. Twenty-five thousand eight hundred years is a cycle of twelve ages. Astrologically it represents the time it takes the equinoxes to process through one complete cycle of the zodiac.

Souls who should be accelerating in the winds of Aquarius and the violet flame of the Holy Spirit, souls who should be ushering in the Aquarian age are simply not here. They are waiting in the wings when they should be star players on the stage of life.

Those who should be in leadership roles in education, in the war on crime and drugs are simply not here. They are not where they are supposed to be: leading America to the pinnacle of a golden age in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Life Begets Life 2 The Continuity of the Soul

DVD “Life Begets Life – The Continuity of the Soul album 2“

“When we abort life in the womb we are aborting the opportunity of a soul whose timetable has come to be on earth at that precise astrological moment. The timetables of the conception and birth of every child are directed by Almighty God, by the archangels and cosmic beings of light and the specific ascended masters who are the sponsors of that soul, the Godparents, if you will. These timetables are part of God’s grand design of life.”—Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 30, 1991

Learn about:

•  Erroneous beliefs regarding abortion
•  The abortion of the divine plan of a soul
•  The worthiness of life, regardless of how challenging it might be
•  Glimpses into the spiritual life of the unborn and the continuity of the soul
•  The abortion of millions of American children since 1973 and the compromise of Earth’s divine plan
•  And much more

1 DVD, #DV11005, 2 hours 9  minutes.  Recommended for Keepers of the Flame®

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