Karma and Reincarnation Part 1

The Missing Link in Christianity

With Elizabeth Clare Prophet

I believe that the concept of karma and reincarnation are the most important concepts that we can know and understand to discover the meaning of life, to answer imponderable questions, to understand our reason for being and to truly understand what Jesus Christ and the apostles, the prophets and the patriarchs taught and what they lived, what is recorded in the scriptures of the Judeo-Christian tradition. All of it is there.

Jesus did teach reincarnation.

But I am not going to begin my speaking to you this evening with Jesus' teaching but I am going to take it in a sequence that starts from the beginning and goes to the very present hour.

I'd like to tell you about my own journey on the Path to begin with because God revealed the concept of reincarnation to me at a very real early age.

How many here have had an experience where you have remembered a past life somehow, some way? Raise your hands high.

There's quite a few people here this evening who have had that experience. How many of you have never had a sense of ever remembering a past life? Quite a few of you also.

Before we're through I think some of you who think you haven't remembered a past life will realize that you have and that is in the sense of being very familiar with a certain situation or location or with a certain person or group of people, having an instantaneous dislike or even a sense of danger around some people and a sense of having known someone else a long time, finding it very easy to get to know someone.

We have little hints but, as a matter of fact, God in his mercy draws the shade. It's a curtain of forgetfulness when we enter the birth canal. It is a mercy to us because we have an assignment for this life.

We shouldn't spend our days wishing we were who we used to be or longing for the good ol' days that might have been better.

We need to be locked into the here and now and recognize what an opportunity it is to be in embodiment, to have the blessing of being in a place of liberty and opportunity as we do to work out the karma of the past.

Jesus affirmed the law of karma and reincarnation taught in the Old Testament. Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals the teachings of karma and reincarnation in the Old and New Testaments and shows that these beliefs are the fulfilling of God’s love for each of us very personally and very intimately.

Here is the transcript of this YouTube video “Karma and Reincarnation – The Missing Link in Christianity, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a preview of a 2 DVD Set, 4 hours, $24.95.

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