How to Develop Your Heart Chakra – Part 2

The Merciful Heart

With Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The pure power of the heart chakra is the power of love. The heart is the seat of true Christ consciousness. Learn how to open and expand the heart chakra with the violet flame.


The ability to forgive is the primary quality of Christ. When someone has a true capacity to forgive, and forget and move on, you know that they have a developed Christ flame.


Your heart chakra helps you express divine love, compassion, charity, understanding and the givingness of ourselves.

This video is a preview of the DVD, “How to Develop Your Heart Chakra,” a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1 hour, 35 minutes, $14.95.  Order online, or call Customer Service to order.

If you missed it, see How to Develop Your Heart Chakra – Part 1, or continues the series with Part 3.

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