How to Develop Your Heart Chakra – Part 1

Express More Love and Compassion

With Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Opening up the heart to the sufferings of humanity and to individual persons we know, providing comfort and care for them, is the beginning of the melting that ‘hardness of heart' energy that can encase the heart so that it cannot expand.


How we express love and to what degree, to what level of self-sacrifice we go to, will determine just how that heart chakra can be strengthened, expanded and be powerful. Until we can visualize and know that you are walking with the thoughtform over our heart that is the ‘sacred heart of Jesus Christ.'


Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains how melting hardness of heart and is a necessary step on the path of the ascension.


This video is a preview of the DVD, “How to Develop Your Heart Chakra,” a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1 hour, 35 minutes, $14.95.  Order online, or call Customer Service to order.

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