Francis Bacon – Author of the Shakespeare Works

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Here is the transcript of this YouTube video Francis Bacon excerpted from “I Believe in the United States of America” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

Francis Bacon, who was not William Shakespeare but only used his name, was the rightful heir to the throne of England, the Lord Chancellor, the author of the works to which he signed the name of Shakespeare, the editor of the King James Bible, a philosopher and scientist of renown who inspired the formation of the Royal Society [of London for the Advancement of Science] and introduced inductive reasoning, began the modern scientific revolution, and was the head of a literary society dedicated to Pallas Athena. But he was more.

On Francis Bacon's sixtieth birthday, Ben Jonson offered a toast to him in the form of a poem written in Masonic code. The secret message that runs through the poem “shows that Francis Bacon was being honored not only on account of the anniversary of his natal day, but as the Secret Founder and Father of the Literary Rosicrosse, the Rosicrucian Fraternity, and the Masonic Brotherhood; and that his Royal descent was well known to the Heads of the Brotherhood.”

New Atlantis – New Jerusalem – America

That would explain why Bacon's New Atlantis was reported to contain the key to modern Masonic rituals. It is widely accepted that America is the New Atlantis.

Why the New Atlantis? Because, among other things, on this soil those who lived on Atlantis would reincarnate to work out their fiery destiny, to meet their karma in this very dark cycle—as we are facing Atlantean karma today—to triumph over it, to call forth the judgment of those fallen ones reincarnated who caused the sinking of Atlantis.

Francis Bacon looked beyond New Jerusalem and he looked to the past as to where the twelve tribes had been, what they encountered, because he knew all would come to roost in America—both the seed of the wicked and the seed of Christ.

Herein lies another similarity between Bacon and Columbus: America is the land of their dreams. America, the land of their dreams—Jerusalem recovered, and New Atlantis reincarnated.

How did Bacon and Columbus make their mark in America?

To answer this, we must consider four things:

First of all, the role of the Masons in the American Revolution;

Second, the Masonic symbology in our Great Seal and flag;

Third, the mystery of Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia; and

Four, the wave of religious fervor of the Great Awakening and millennialism

—all this combined to bring about the restoration of Israel and Judah in the New Atlantis.

First of all, we look at Bacon in the New World. Freemasonry gave Francis Bacon the organization he needed to lay the foundation of the utopia he envisioned in The New Atlantis. His embryonic plans were largely unknown, yet when gestation ended, a new nation was born—the U.S.A.

Only a few obscure clues directly tie Francis Bacon to the New World. Newfoundland honored him for his colonization efforts in 1910. They issued a postage stamp commemorating the tricentennial of their colonization. The words “Lord Bacon, 1610-1910: The Guiding Spirit in Colonization Schemes” appear under his picture.

In Williamsburg, Virginia, there is a vault under Bruton Parish Church which was buried in 1648. It has anagrammatic readings on it which reveal that it was Bacon's vault placed there as a monument to Freemasonry and an unmistakable sign of Bacon's behind-the-scenes planning in America.

This video clip is a preview of a 2-DVD set, 2 hours 52 minutes, $19.95, #DVG10009. Buy online: “I Believe in the United States of America” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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