Christmas Reading – The Other Wise Man

A Christmas Reading by Mark Prophet

Story by Henry Van Dyke

On January 1, 1972, Mark summed up this story of the fourth wise man, a great story for the Christmas season:


The Other Wise Man, by Henry Van Dyke tells of one who did not go with the other three, who was not present at the birth of the Christ, but who journeyed out, who started out with them all. Yet, the saga of his adventure, his spiritual contact, was one of finding the Christ, not at the manger of Bethlehem, but in many places and in many people.”

The Other Wise Man

“Long, long ago, a wise man named Artaban, a priest of the Magi, discerned from heavenly signs that the time was at hand for the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy—the birth among the Hebrews of a holy Prince and Deliverer of Man. Hastening to join three fellow Magi for the long journey into Judaea, he paused to help a dying man and was left behind. And so Artaban began his pilgrimage alone, striking out not toward the realization of his life's deepest longing, as he hoped, but only toward misfortune and suffering. Or so he believed until one blessed, radiant moment…”

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