Get Archangel Michael’s Protection, Part 2

How to Get the Protection of Archangel Michael, Part 2

Archangel Michael will be with us to protect and guide us. If you find yourself in some kind of danger or trouble and you are scared or hurt, simply say, “Archangel Michael, help me, help me, help me!” And Archangel Michael and his angels will come to your side instantly and they will help you in any way that they can.

You can also ask Archangel Michael to help family members who may be sick or in need of protection. Or you can ask him to send his blue-flame angels to help other people who may need God’s help, such as those who are injured, hungry, homeless, or fighting in wars.

Watch Elizabeth Clare Prophet explain how to get Archangel Michael and his legions to protect you!. Hear stories of Archangel Michael's intercession in wars as well as on the battlefronts of real life.

How to Get Archangel Michael's Protection, Part 2

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Change Your World with Devotions, Decrees And Spirited Songs to Archangel Michael Contains 23 decrees and songs to invoke his protection for yourself, your loved ones and people in need around the world. Devotional pace. Includes booklet of words. 1 CD 72:29 min.

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