‪Gautama Buddha – You Become the Buddha

Gautama Buddha has told us: “You can be me and I can be you right where you are.”

Become the Buddha is about attaining buddhahood by the bodhisattva ideal.


Just close your eyes. Recite the word Om. See the Electronic Presence of Gautama Buddha placed over you. You can even look at the visualization of the painting of Gautama.


Just accept that you are the Buddha and the Buddha is you.


Om. (3x)


Now take in these teachings as you maintain the visualization of yourself inside the Buddha.


You have the seed of Buddha right inside of you, and because you have it, you have the potential to become a Buddha.


Gautama Buddha – All Beings Have the Essence of Buddhahood

Gautama taught this same message when he walked the earth. He was the embodied Buddha in the sixth century B.C. Sprinkled throughout the Mahayana scriptures is Gautama's teaching that all beings have the essence of Buddhahood. This essence, or seed, has also been called the “Buddha-nature.”


We read in one Buddhist text: “There exists in each living being the potential for attaining Buddhahood, called the Buddha-essence, ‘the legacy abiding within.'”


Another text, attributed to Lord Maitreya, speaks of this essence, or seed. “The road to Buddhahood is open to all. At all times have all living beings the seed of Buddhahood in them.”


After Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bo tree, he traveled throughout India for forty-five years preaching his doctrine of the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and the Middle Way.


He taught his disciples to likewise devote themselves to spreading the Doctrine in order to liberate souls that they might realize the Buddha-nature within.


In Mahayana Buddhism, this is called the bodhisattva ideal. It is the ideal path for you and me.


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