Become a Facet of the Divine Mother’s Diamond Heart

Become a Facet of the Divine Mother’s Diamond Heart

This excerpt on choosing victory from El Morya's dictation A Sapphire Chalice was delivered February 12, 1988, during Elizabeth Clare Prophet's stumping for Saint Germain’s Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness in San Francisco, California and published in the 1988 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 31 No. 19.

Blessed hearts, now let us consider how each one does become a facet of the Divine Mother’s Diamond Heart and my own. Blessed Mary does stand in this room radiating a healing light. You have tarried long, some longer than in many a year, longer than many have attended a church service for lifetimes, and therefore the reward is instantaneous. As the Blessed Mother has perceived needs for healing you know not of, she does anoint you with unguents of healing light. You are so beloved.

O be quickened, O be quickened, beloved! For the victory is nigh. The angels stand guard. But a victory whose cup is not quaffed is not a victory–and there are not in-betweens. Blessed hearts, it is a choice for victory or utter defeat and self-humiliation.

Let the light ascend and the soul will follow suit. Let the soul ascend and millions will follow. Have we not earned our blue-flame ribbons of light? Have we not seen and known the inspiration of millions because we have dared to ascend the mount Horeb and to know God face to face?

Let the uncommon Light be kept by the uncommon souls who do dare to be different.

I now touch by my heart’s love and the fire of God’s will ten thousand new chelas of the will of God about to enter in. I touch them, beloved, for my love of Jesus and his call for ten thousand new Keepers of the Flame. I touch them and I tell you I am in pursuit of the holy ones of God who know not they are holy until they are told by the Blessed Mother.

Beloved, let the flowers who are the lilies in the earth be quickened and awakened! Let them feel the gentle breezes and have hope again. Do your part, beloved, for I have secured all the dispensation that the Great Law will allow me. Now, will you not give of your heart’s Light that you also might be the recipient from Alpha of a fiery mantle and dispensations that I could not receive?

In your own way, then, seek and find. Call and knock. Receive the answer and know that the door of Darjeeling is opened. <10> Come, then, my beloved, for we have the work of the Divine Mother of all ages to fulfill.

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