V Is for Victory – The Only Way to Go Is Up!

V Is for Victory – The Only Way to Go Is Up!

This excerpt of Mighty Victory's July 5, 1981 dictation The Sign of the Golden V is published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 24 No. 37 .

Blessed hearts, consider this. As I have said before, the sign of the V is the sign of the descent and the ascent of the soul. Well, when is the V formed?

We have discussed this, blessed hearts, for the legions of light love to discuss the philosophy of victory! And they have come to the conclusion that the victory is formed the moment that the soul begins to ascend. And until it begins to ascend, there is only a single descending line. Do you see? And therefore, for the victory of the light to manifest, you must be on the upward path. And the only way to go is up!—if you would have your victory coil follow you and transport you into the very heart of the Sun.

Therefore, the V for victory is a triumph already won. For from the moment that that line is formed, it is actually complete in the inner eye of God and in the mind of God. And therefore, the ascent will be the manifestation of the momentum of the descent. For by the momentum of the descent is the ascent, and the perfect lines are forged and won in God.

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The Double V = Victory of You and Your Twin Flame

Therefore, beloved ones, when we make the sign of the double V, it is the double V of the double victory of your twin flames by the power of the Word—even the spoken Word. And therefore, the science of the spoken Word is always for the victory—for the victory of your life.

And as you affirm that Word, you are always affirming that victory for your counterpart and for the mighty causal bodies which you share. And therefore, those twin causal bodies may deliver to earth in this hour the momentum of Shamballa, the momentum of Gautama Buddha. And you may see how twin flames may multiply the light and the fervor of devotion, even when your twin flame is ascended.

And, I say, especially when your twin flame is ascended, you must remember to mark the sign of that double V, that you might have the full action and the power of two causal bodies of light to deliver the abundant life to planet Earth!

This is the glory of the Lord multiplying again and again and again! Therefore, we would send you with the sign of victory and with that brand of Life itself, even the double V, for the moving together again and the return to the very heart of the One.

So let there be the Alpha. Let there be the Omega. Let there be the victory of Life. And let each and every one of you take with you that soul of light, that great causal body—to the Inner Retreat—of your divine counterpart. And therefore, the visible and the invisible life of your soul and your being will there be able to precipitate the divine plan and the original purpose for which you came forth from the very heart of God.

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