Twin flames accelerate the process of finding one another by a simple call from the heart.

Where is Your Twin Flame?

twin flames and soulmates Summit LighthouseYour twin flame may have already won their soul liberation and reunited with God—or they may still be struggling to find their way. Where your twin flame is—what their state of consciousness is—can greatly influence your own ability to find wholeness.

Because both of you share the same blueprint of identity—like the design of a snowflake, unique in all of cosmos—whatever energy you send forth is imprinted or stamped with that specific pattern. According to the law that like attracts like, all energy you release cycles to your twin flame—either hindering or helping them on the path to wholeness.

When you send forth love or hope, these qualities will uplift your twin flame. But if you are burdened with frustration or hatred, your twin flame will likewise feel the weight of these misqualified feelings.

Sometimes the inexplicable joys or depressions you feel are the moods of your other half registering on your own consciousness.

Accelerate Your Search

You can accelerate your progress on the spiritual path—in your prayer, meditation, or the science of the spoken Word (dynamic decrees)—if you call to your I AM Presence for the inner heart contact with your twin flame. Try the following prayer:

“In the name of the Christ I call to the blessed I AM Presence of our twin flames for the sealing of our hearts as one for the victory of our mission to humanity. I invoke the light of the Holy Spirit for the consuming of all negative karma limiting the full expression of our divine identity and the fulfillment of our divine plan.”

In this way, even if you live in separate spheres, you and your twin flame can unite spiritually on higher planes and direct light into your own world and the world of your twin flame for the balancing of mutual karma.

This inner contact magnifies the light and attainment you each have and releases the awesome power of the polarity of your love, enabling you to stand strong against the conflicts that inevitably come to the door of all who would defend love.

Inspired by the grandeur of eternal love, artists, writers, and composers throughout the ages have expressed both love's exalted heights and tragic depths. In many of their masterpieces, we can sense an inner understanding of twin flames, their love for one another, and their encounters with karma and cosmic law.

Operas Telling the Story of Twin Flames

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has interpreted several famous operas from the perspective of the twin flame spiritual relationship. Although some of the arias and duets give us a glimpse of the majestic love of twin flames, these stories often end in sorrow, tragedy, or death because one or both of the lovers fail a test of personal mastery—having not yet sealed their own individual path in God.

Twin Flames: Madame Butterfly

Twin Flames: Wagner's Opera Lohengrin

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