Twin Flames – Love in the Age of Aquarius

Twin Flames – Love in the Age of Aquarius

Twin Flames – Wholeness in Love

Twin flames and earthThe Aquarian age is an age for the understanding of God's energy in polarity as the masculine and feminine principles of the universe.

How we experience that energy as our true identity, how we understand it as the essence of twin flames, and how we use it as the integrative power of divine love for the betterment of mankind will determine whether or not we survive as individuals and, ultimately, as a human race.

You may be reading this because the only thing that may stand between you and your twin flame is a layer of negative energy just waiting to be consumed by the joyous, bubbling action of the violet flame.

Your mission, your twin flame, and your ultimate reunion in the heart of God await you!

Twin Flames Can Bless or Curse the Universe

You and your twin flame influence countless lives around you through your “radioactive” thoughts, feelings, and actions.

There is a story of  the miller and his wife silently communicating their love to others and blessing their village through the flour from their mill.

Similarly, you have an opportunity to assist and bless life or to place a burden upon it.

You place a burden on life either by interacting with the negative energy of your past karma cycling to the surface of your consciousness.

A spiritual alternative is you can bless life by recognizing this returning energy as a challenge to your harmony and love and transmute it, lessening the world's burden.

Use the Violet Flame to Change Old Karma

The key to transmuting or changing past karma and fulfilling your mission with your twin flame is the violet flame, a spiritual energy given by God to man for his acceleration into the Aquarian age.

The violet flame action of the Holy Spirit transforms negative energy—anger into love, irritation into peace, suspicion into trust— so that you can influence life positively as you work toward your ultimate victory on the spiritual path, your ascension.

When you visualize this violet flame and call it forth into your consciousness, it instantaneously begins to change negative energy patterns accumulated over thousands of lifetimes.

You can begin to experience feelings of joy, lightness, and hope.

It's as if your entire consciousness were being dipped into a chemical solution of purple liquid which dissolves the karma of centuries.

Violet Flame is a Dispensation from God

This is the dispensation many people have been waiting for.

This is why we've been evolving these tens of thousands of years, why we have gone through all of the understanding of God the Father and God the Son.

Now we come to the Holy Spirit energy, the sacred science of alchemy, of self-transformation—through the violet flame.

Twin Flames helped by Saint GermainAscended Master Saint Germain's Mantra for the Aquarian Age

The ascended master Saint Germain has released a violet flame mantra for the Aquarian age:

I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires.”

Use the violet flame with Elizabeth Clare Prophet to transmute blocks to your perfect relationship in this video How to Use the Violet Flame Daily

I AM Presence – Affirmation of God's Presence Within

“I AM” is the affirmation of the God within, the I AM Presence—the same Presence who declared to Moses “I AM THAT I AM”—”This is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.”

Daily immersing ourselves in the cleansing energy of the violet flame is the quickest and most effective way to maintain our harmony and accelerate our consciousness for our ultimate reunion with God and our twin flame.

This is the baptism of the Holy Ghost that was prophesied in the New Testament by John.

This violet flame is the gift of God for the Aquarian age.

This is how the days are shortened for the elect—for the homeward journey, the overcoming of the round of the wheel of rebirth—your ascension in the light.

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