TSL Website Search Feature

TSL Website Search Feature

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Search Ascended Master Teachings
from one source and get results
in under a second!

Introducing Summit Lighthouse Search

Want to find a specific ascended master teaching, but don’t know where to look? Now you have the ability to search every website, every online Pearl, every lecture, article and document all in one place…and find what you’re looking for in under a second!

Summit Lighthouse Search is easy, fast and convenient.

This is the new way to search our extensive library of ascended master teachings. Imagine being able to peruse over 2900 online Pearls of Wisdom®. Access the content of all of our websites. Find a specific quote, section or reference from among scores of lectures and other documents. And do it all super quick!

Simply use our super easy search window (just like Google) to find whatever you want and get results…

…in under one second!

What’s more, search results will get even better as we continuously add new content.

For those of you familiar with search engines like Google search, you already know how to use this tool! It is based on the same technology.

First, enter your desired search into the search box, such as “Saint Germain.”


Next, click the Search TSL button

Then, use the dropdown button under “default collection”. This will allow you to search all the content that is currently available.

When you click the dropdown button, you will see another choice: Pearls.

Click this choice, and your search results will be filtered for Pearls only.

Want to see the process in action? Play the video above. It’s all there.

In the video, for the sake of illustration, we have selected Pearls and then clicked on Search TSL. What you then see are all the online Pearls of Wisdom that meet your search criteria in the search results…in the blink of an eye!

Now, notice the link that says Advanced Search.

This is where you may specify unique search criteria, such as:

  • File formats like PDF
  • Power Point presentations
  • Specific web site
  • Sort by relevance or date
  • Language (When you search in a specific language, only content in that language relevant to your topic will be retrieved…truly an international tool!)

Search types and performance are limited only by your imagination.

Try it out. Simply go to search.summitlighthouse.org and give it a test drive. We are happy to make this great new tool available to all of you, and we believe you’re really going to like it.

(And did we say it’s fast?)

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